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Peerless Products is said to have consistently exceeded those specifications.
"The US market has a significant growth potential and seen in that perspective the acquisition of Peerless is of great strategic importance to Grundfos.
Dannelly said eventually work would be phased out at the Peerless Group's current location at 823 Main St.
It has to be said that the British Peerless was an amazing car that many seem to have forgotten.
"The Sprint peerless IP network is specifically tailored to meet the performance and security demands of government customers by eliminating connections to the public Internet and creating a closed user group environment," said Tony D'Agata, vice president and general manager for Sprint's Government Systems Division.
Selected by Intrigo (Thousand Oaks, Calif.) to mold this portable workstation, Peerless turned to GLS for help with an essential ingredient: the overmolded TPEs that, strategically applied, would differentiate the product from its competition.
These are the first Tally products integrating Peerless ImageWorks technology and Peerless QP1910 ASIC.
Management at Peerless Rugs could not be contacted for comment yesterday.
In a letter to Amnesty, Peerless expressed disgust that its products were used in the Khiam prison, stating, "In no way does Peerless Handcuff Company condone or support the use of our products for torture or for any other human rights abuse.
Pura Foods Ltd, tel:020 7418 1500, the manufacturers and suppliers of oils and fats under the Peerless name, have confirmed their long commitment to the baking industry by announcing major sponsorship packages with two of the UK's most prominent industry training colleges.
Jamco provided Romal with a certificate of insurance indicating that the Peerless Insurance Co., a New Hampshire corporation, was Jamco's general liability insurer.
Embedded imaging software house Peerless Systems Corp said Tuesday that it will acquire Auco Inc, a privately-held developer of embedded networking technology for about $21m in stock, based on Monday's closing price.