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see flycatcherflycatcher,
common name for various members of the Old World family Muscicapidae, insectivorous songbirds including the kingbirds, phoebes, and pewees. Flycatchers vary in color from drab to brilliant, as in the crested monarch and paradise flycatchers of Asia and Africa.
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"It was also fitting that Mike Roberts, who retires from the Peewee Tour after 17 years at the helm, was able to celebrate with the Peewee winning team."
He said: "Everybody knows Dave, Mr PeeWee and Pepe the dog.
The rapper's former tour bus driver, Alvin Lewis, is suing Young Thug, Birdman, Peewee Roscoe, Cash Money records and Young Money records for their involvement in a shooting of a bus he was driving.
'Peewee' Lincoln Littler, aged nine, was the other to claim a prestigious title.
COTTAGE GROVE - Things will be getting a little rebellious on Thursday when outlaw country artists Peewee Moore and the Awful Dreadful Snakes roll in.
The donation helped pay for the registration fees and transportation costs for the novice, peewee and bantam age groups.
PeeWee will always be remembered for a good joke and a good laugh.
Guided by Liz Terry and Peewee Sanchez, two highly interactive and motivational yoga instructors who led two free master classes in the morning, enthusiastic participants performed one yoga ritual after another under the open sky.
darkling sky behind it And not one peewee bird anywhere O Free singer
On a pre-enrollment visit to the University of Virginia, twin teenage prodigies Ava and Jack Carlson are devastated when their physically handicapped five-year-old brother Peewee is kidnapped in the Rotunda in Charlottesville.
Harri competed in the peewee division in both the points stop and continuous contests.
It belongs to another rapper, Peewee Longway, who at the moment is leaning against the closet door, gripping a stack of $20 bills and nodding to the beat, his camouflage cargo pants bulging with pharmaceutical prescription bottles.