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see flycatcherflycatcher,
common name for various members of the Old World family Muscicapidae, insectivorous songbirds including the kingbirds, phoebes, and pewees. Flycatchers vary in color from drab to brilliant, as in the crested monarch and paradise flycatchers of Asia and Africa.
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According to the complaint, a confrontation between Lil Wayne's crew and Peewee Roscoe's crew arose, with Roscoe allegedly saying, "This is my city.
Killian Carroll/Stephen Cooney (Ireland) 14,19; PeeWee Castro/Eugene Lau (N.
As for fashion editor Peewee Reyes-Isidro, her favorite accessory, the skinny scarf, is a staple every woman should have in her closet: It's so versatile; you can use it as an actual scarf, transform it into a belt, or a headband.
Peewee, Bantam and Midget players who want to prepare for September evaluations and the upcoming season can register for Conditioning Camps.
It belongs to another rapper, Peewee Longway, who at the moment is leaning against the closet door, gripping a stack of $20 bills and nodding to the beat, his camouflage cargo pants bulging with pharmaceutical prescription bottles.
All three returned with gold medals, however, to underline their national titles, with Powell taKing the peewee -33Kg crown, Simpson the peewee +38Kg prize and Needham the Seniors -63Kg section.
The thieves stole a trailer from inside the stables and used it to make off with a number of items including a red and white Honda quadbike, a blue and white Honda quadbike, a Makita drill, a Stihl saw, a PeeWee 50cc mini motorbike, a strimmer, drill and chainsaw.
The tourney included six boys' divisions; pre-novice, novice, atom, peewee, bantam and midget.
a PeeWee Herman look alike in a suit critiquing a Domino's pizza, an anonymous individual performing a dangerous chemistry experiment in his garage, a talking parrot, and .
I learned to ride a motorbike when I was about six, a little PeeWee 50.
Club members of BMAKA in Marton, excelled in every age group of the competition, from peewee youngster right up to the adults.
Parents could be making their kids wear helmets to the library by the conclusion of helmer Steve James' science-and-sports docu "Head Games," which scores solid hits on everyone from the NFL down to peewee hockey as it links contact sports, concussions and those calling for widespread reformation of the nation's athletic philosophies and priorities.