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peen, pean

The end of a hammer opposite the flat hammering face; may terminate in a cone-shaped, rounded, or sharply pointed face.
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In contrast, among men who developed PeIN, the 12-month cumulative incidence remained constant across categories of age (0.
Apenas os pein podem circular nos dois espacos, separados por samambaia, na praca de danca, para levar a bebida e comida aos rezadores, agasalha-los, aviventar o fogo das fogueiras.
Taylor had been concerned about the prospect of taking on Pein but thought the occasion had affected the Circus Tavern newcomer.
However, Chiron chief executive Howard Pein yesterday said that he expected the plant would have the capacity to produce about 40m vaccine doses for the 2006/07 season.
One of the journalists Cory Pein invoked some questions regarding Molhem Barakat's work as a photographer with one of the largest media agencies.
Finally, we leave it to Malcolm Pein writing in the Daily Telegraph, "Charlie Storey's ninth round defeat of GM Chris Ward secured him his first IM result.
He begins his maiden PDC challenge against Aussie teenage sensation Mitchell Clegg tomorrow night, while Taylor's first round opponent tonight is 5,000-1 outsider Anton Pein.
At one point, a team of experts from around the world, led by Chiron chief executive Howard Pein, came to Liverpool to take control of the remediation work.