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peen, pean

The end of a hammer opposite the flat hammering face; may terminate in a cone-shaped, rounded, or sharply pointed face.
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Wrisberg and Pein (1992) revealed that higher percentage free throw shooters were more consistent in executing preshot routines than lower percentage free throw shooters.
The fact that the line of fracture forms just like in the original shows how realistic our polyurethane bones are," says Pein.
Taylor did not need to break sweat under the one hundred-degree lights against Pein and required only a single 180 maximum on his way to a whitewash.
Taylor had been concerned about the prospect of taking on Pein but thought the occasion had affected the Circus Tavern newcomer.
prior to taking a free throw) that assist athletes in maintaining control (of their focus and anxiety levels) in these types of situations (Cohn, 1990; Wrisberg & Pein, 1992).
Alasdair Pein as a non-executive director to the Company's board.
Brad Hinthorne, Associate Principal Perkins+Will, was the Lead Principal on the project; Erik Mott, Associate Principal, Perkins+Will, was the Design Principal; Molly Baker, LEED Green Associate, Perkins+Will, was the Project Architect; Fenita Long, AIA, was the Job Captain, and Christiane Pein, Founder of LairDesign, collaborated on the interior design and furniture selection.
Champion Phil Taylor eased through 3-0 against Austria's Anton Pein.
If he overcomes Austria's Anton Pein, 'The Power' could go head to head with Ireland's Mick McGowan, who has been in superb form recently.
However, Chiron chief executive Howard Pein yesterday said that he expected the plant would have the capacity to produce about 40m vaccine doses for the 2006/07 season.
Alasdair Jonathan Kemsley Pein to its board of directors as a non-executive director.
6 Hammer Engr Ball pein 200gms, carbon steel, fitted with chemically treated