pen-based computer

pen-based computer,

device capable of performing a series of arithmetic or logical operations. A computer is distinguished from a calculating machine, such as an electronic calculator, by being able to store a computer program (so that it can repeat its operations and make logical
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 that uses software to enable it to accept handwriting or drawing as a form of input. A stylus, which may contain special electronic circuitry, may be used to write on the computer display or on a separate tablet. The earliest devices were limited to recognizing geometric shapes for computer graphicscomputer graphics,
the transfer of pictorial data into and out of a computer. Using analog-to-digital conversion techniques, a variety of devices—such as curve tracers, digitizers, and light pens—connected to graphic computer terminals, computer-aided design
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 applications and neatly printed alphanumeric characters. Pattern recognition software has improved to the level where cursive input is now acceptable, especially in personal digital assistantspersonal digital assistant
(PDA), lightweight, hand-held computer designed for use as a personal organizer with communications capabilities; also called a handheld. A typical PDA has no keyboard, relying instead on special hardware and pen-based computer software to enable the
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, smartphones, and computer tablets, although such input is not always accurately interpreted by the software. Styluses now also may be used to create artwork as well as input alphanumeric characters and geometric shapes, and touchscreens permit a finger to replace a stylus in some cases.
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This was a pen-based computer, and Hawkins wrote the software that recognized handwriting.
1993: Apple introduces the Newton, a hand-held, pen-based computer. The company reports quarterly loss of $188 million in July.
1993: Apple introduces the Newton, a hand-held, pen-based computer. Mr Sculley is replaced as chief executive by Apple president Michael Spindler.
The software, dubbed SketchCAD, is a digital pen-based computer system that can be used to design 3D products for a variety of industry sectors.
Livescribe's pen-based computer, introduced at the D5: All Things Digital technology conference in Carlsbad, California, could aid students, journalists, lawyers, doctors, consultants, and others who depend on live interaction to gather data and has implications for managing new e-records formats and multiple versions of data.
It automates the capability to create graphically-rich floor plans, roof plans, and exterior elevations using a pen-based computer. It allows adjusters to transmit estimates, photos, and floor plans wirelessly to other claim participants before leaving the loss site.
Convertibles, which are likely to replace plain tablets as the pen-based computer of choice, makeup only about 1 percent of notebook sales, says Sam Bhavnani, senior mobile computing analyst at Current Analysis.
There are two basic jobs a pen-based computer has to accomplish.
The Tablet PC, however, is not the first attempt to market a pen-based computer. There have been a string of commercially unsuccessful attempts, going back to the Tandy Model 100 in 1983, through the GRIDPad of 1989, to the Apple Newton in 1993.
If the structure cannot be found, the operator in the field will digitize its relative position on the pen-based computer's planimetric map and note the feature's "Not Found" status.
Newton is a pen-based computer. Toll-Free Customer Support: No tollfree number, but free support available via e-mail ( or the World Wide Web (http:/med-amsa.
Not to worry: Beginning to make its entry on the data collection stage is the pen-based computer. These systems succeed in conveying the "clipboard-and-paper" feel so familiar to nurses and other caregivers.