pendant luminaire

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1. A complete lighting unit consisting of one or more lamps, together with components which are designed to distribute the light, to position and protect the lamps, and to connect the lamps to the electric power supply; also called a lighting fixture.
2. The above lighting unit without lamps in it.
3. A device that projects light on the stage of a theater.
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The pendant luminaire achieves its full effect in rooms with ceilings that are three meter or higher in heights.
The omnidirectional A-Line 14-W LED lamps were also used within exhibits, especially as a 2,700K incandescent replacement for an array of museum table and pendant luminaires. Finally, overhead and general lighting was provided by PAR38 15-, 18- and 20-W LED lamps in recessed, track and display lighting applications.
The present call for tenders concerns the supply and installation of luminaires and the associated control components for the conversion of the theresianum mainz school building the call for tenders concerns a project supported under the directive on the promotion of climate protection projects in social, Cultural and public institutions under the national climate initiative the building will be equipped with surface-mounted, Recessed and pendant luminaires. List of main positions about 260 pcs approx.
All the pendant luminaires in the private offices with T5HO lamps were converted to standard T5s; all the units with MR16 halogen lamps and thousands of downlights with 26-W quad CFLs, were retrofitted with LEDs.
10 000 running meters of cables and lines including associated cable carrier systems; about 7,000 linear meters of structured it cabling with 2 19 "cabinets, about 100 ceiling-mounted or pendant luminaires, about 15 escape-sign luminaires for on-site sibe control panel, about 10 pcs of tk terminals on-site telecommunications system, about 80 st.
In order to do that, Margulies replaced the existing halogen MR16s with LEDs; converted all the pendant luminaires installed in private offices that initially had T5HO lamps to standard energy-saving T5s; and completely retrofitted the 3,000 26-W quad CFL down-lights located in sheetrock ceilings with new reflectors, sockets, drivers and LEDs that had to be installed "laparoscopicly," i.e., through the hole in the ceiling.
EYE Lighting International announces the new LEDioc brand lamps, designed for simple and easy field retrofit from HID to LED light source in post-top and pendant luminaires. The 37-W lamp, consuming only 42 system watts, comes complete with a driver and surge protector, and can be applied in 120-V through 277-V systems.
The module thickness is less than 3mm, making the OLED suitable for use in free-standing and pendant luminaires.
200 extension / recessed and pendant luminaires, earthing and lightning protection systems as well as fire barriers are tendered separately.
Similarly, custom pendant luminaires (Rambusch) add character to the area between the basement and first floor.