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pendant, pendent, pendent drop

pendant, 2 on an Early New England house
pendant, 1: A
1. A suspended feature or hanging ornament used in the vaults and timber roofs of Gothic architecture or Gothic Revival; also called a pendent.
2. A
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51 cases were dismissed, two petitions allowed and 86 cases are still pending in court.
The courts decided 239898 cases and 1175346 cases are pending.
Mian Jaffer Hussain, a leading expert of service matters when contacted told that members of the other benches at Quetta, Karachi, Peshawar and Islamabad may be replaced with new competent to ensure quick disposal of pending cases.
6331, the Service may not levy on the taxpayer's property or rights to property for 30 days following the rejection of an OIC or while an appeal is pending.
The Board's case has been stayed pending a final decision on whether federal criminal charges against these persons will be reinstated.
for this review of your PENDING through NEXT WEEK files.
It said that only 40 cases were disposed off among 1874 cases during the running year, which were lying pending since 2012 in IHC.
Of the 12 inmates who testified before the House Committee on Justice's investigation on the proliferation of illegal drugs inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP), five have pending applications for pardon or executive clemency.
Regarding pending suo moto notices, he said 33 suo moto notices of last three years are still pending in the SC including one of 2008, 9 of 2009, 8 of 2010, 9 of 2011, 6 of 2012.
However, for changes involving the elimination of the scope restrictions for pending issues, the revenue procedure is effective for tax years ending on or after March 14, 2002, if the change is made under Rev.