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Sergeant Cuff finished the nail on which he was then at work, looked at it for a moment with a melancholy interest, and put up his penknife.
Another stick of the penknife, when she pretended to pat my head: and that is because I said I did not like the society of children and old women (low be it spoken!).
The poor man squalled terribly, and the colonel and his officers were in much pain, especially when they saw me take out my penknife: but I soon put them out of fear; for, looking mildly, and immediately cutting the strings he was bound with, I set him gently on the ground, and away he ran.
He continued with her the whole time of her writing, to assist her with his penknife or his orthography, as either were wanted; and added to these attentions, which she felt very much, a kindness to her brother which delighted her beyond all the rest.
I had nearly lost my liberty and even my life, I had lost my ship, a money-belt full of gold, I had lost my companions, had parted from my friend; my occupation, my only link with life, my touch with the sea, my cap and jacket were gone - but a small penknife and a latchkey had never parted company with me.
"You can blow the whistle." He took up the envelope and cut it with his penknife. From it he drew a folded sheet of paper.
He admitted two charges of possessing a penknife as an offensive weapon at Eirias High School in Colwyn Bay on February 9 and February 11.
Megan Madden was jailed for five years and ten months after admitting attacking the woman with a penknife outside Bar Rogue in Manchester city centre A judge warned the 22-year-old she could have been facing a murder charge - and at least 25 years in prison - had the situation unfolded differently.
It had originally been alleged they burgled a flat in Vale Street, Denbigh, in July, when having with them a penknife, and stole two bank cards, PS300 cash, a mobile phone, jacket and torch.
She said she went into the school to discuss the incident and was told that the child had been "doing activities over the weekend and had been given the penknife and he had accidentally brought it into school in his coat pocket".