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The objective of this paper was to record the diversity of pennate diatoms in the Kallar Kahar Lake and its tributaries.
Julius, personal communication) and benthic pennate diatoms (mixed species).
The algal community is thus delimited to a few species capable of exploiting these extreme conditions (Devercelli, 2010), which are usually small unicellular pennate diatoms and desmids (Reynolds, 2006; Soares et al.
Relative Frequency of Particles in Stomach and Guts (% Fields of View) Sampling Sediment Particles (< 5 Animal Remains Pennate Diatoms Event [mu]m) (Month 2003) February 83.
The fine structure of the marine epizoic pennate diatom Pseudohimantidium pacificum in Korean coastal waters.
Dominance of a stressed marine phytoplankton assemblage by a copper-tolerant pennate diatom.
Most muscle groups that are tested in humans are pennate (with the exception of the biceps brachii).
The pennate forms have elongated valves and their reproduction does not involve forms bearing flagella, but usually shows formation of gametangia that copulate as a whole.
Pennate diatoms that could not be identified to species at 400x were identified as naviculoids.
Diatoms (chain-forming centric and pennate of the complex Pseudo-nitzschia seriata --sensu Hasle, 1965 and some dinoflagellates species (Prorocentrum minimum and Scrippsiella trochoidea) were generally observed in high densities during NTs, when chlorophyll-a concentrations were also high (Figure 3).
The typical forms from this environment are pennate (bilaterally symmetrical) forms of the genera Nitzschia, Amphiprora, and Navicula, but there are also the centric (radially symmetrical) species.