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Employers may also contract their pension management out to firms like Domini and the Calvert Group that specialize in socially responsible investments.
The report calls for a tax system that eliminates penalties on investing in or consuming pension savings across European Union members' borders.
Indeed it does, but only at the cost of subjecting current and future retirees to a far greater risk--the risk of living until the Ponzi scheme of pay-as-you-go pensions begins to break down.
So far, pension funds have stayed in fixed-income government securities.
Goodwin's study of Chicago contradicts the findings of scholars like Skocpol, who argue that mothers' pensions programs became weak and miserly partly because the maternalist lobby lost interest once the laws were passed.
Underfunding of private pensions reached $71 billion in 1993, and the actuarial deficiency for government civilian and military pensions combined is estimated at $1.
To get an idea of how generous their pensions are, consider this.
The improved health of the typical US defined benefit pension plan is due largely to the year's strong equity market returns, according to Aaron Meder, UBS Global Asset Management's Head of Asset Liability Investment Solutions in the Americas.
Public employee pensions in California - the richest in the nation - have become so generous that some workers can retire at age 50 with more than 100 percent of their final year's salary; thousands of public employees statewide earn annual pensions exceeding $100,000.
If you were born before these dates, you'll continue to receive your State Pension under the current system, even if you defer claiming.