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1. a flat or maisonette built onto the top floor or roof of a block of flats
2. a construction on the roof of a building, esp one used to house machinery
3. a shed built against a building, esp one that has a sloping roof
4. Real Tennis the roofed corridor that runs along three sides of the court
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A structure on a flat-roofed building, occupying usually less than half the roof area.
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(building construction)
An enclosed space built on a flat roof to cover a stairway, elevator, or other equipment.
A dwelling built on top of the main roof.
A sloping shed or roof attached to a wall or building.
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penthouse, pendice, pentice

1. A structure occupying usually less than half the roof area of a flat-roofed building, and used: (a) to house equipment for elevator, ventilation or air conditioning, or other mechanical or electrical systems serving the building, or (b) to house one or more apartments, access to which is gained by a stair or stairs, or a separate elevator but usually not by the building’s main elevators.
2. An appentice.
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Ed Calma said that the 362-sq m penthouse can either be a wide, open space with unobstructed views, or an aggregate of rooms separated by retractable partitions.
Nightly rental prices will range from PS499-PS999 per night, and up to PS2,000 per night for specific events and private dinner parties for guests occupying the penthouse. | To find out more visit the website at:
The UAE developer clinched the deal approximately two years after it sold the costliest penthouse, priced at Dh102 million back in 2017 .
With the successful sale of the second penthouse, enquiries for the third one is already in the pipeline, said a top official.
Landscaped terraces are part of the penthouse [image: supplied].
The penthouse was designed by French interior designer Jacques Grange.
The kitchen, which is semi openplan to the living and dining area through a double doorway and internal window (no, it's not a hatch!), is loaded with appliances that a new buyer would expect from a prestigious penthouse.
There are only a few projects by Zaha Hadid in the world offering penthouses and these all belong to the best of what the real estate market offers in the given country, said Jozef Scaronimek, head of sales and marketing at Penta Real Estate, as cited in the press release.The most expensive apartment is located on the 29th (the highest) floor of the first residential tower.
The penthouse also has a full k home automation system that L includes gadgets by Sonos, MolL teni, Delta and Lutron that can be controlled through a smartphone.
Already fully booked for August - and with some bookings already confirmed for January, 2017 - The Penthouse is aimed at a variety of travellers.
Groomsmen and guests will be impressed by all that The Penthouse Club has to offer.
SET within a Grade II-listed building, this city centre penthouse boasts views over the city, the river, the Three Graces and Our Lady and St Nicholas' Church.