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1. a flat or maisonette built onto the top floor or roof of a block of flats
2. a construction on the roof of a building, esp one used to house machinery
3. a shed built against a building, esp one that has a sloping roof
4. Real Tennis the roofed corridor that runs along three sides of the court


A structure on a flat-roofed building, occupying usually less than half the roof area.


(building construction)
An enclosed space built on a flat roof to cover a stairway, elevator, or other equipment.
A dwelling built on top of the main roof.
A sloping shed or roof attached to a wall or building.

penthouse, pendice, pentice

1. A structure occupying usually less than half the roof area of a flat-roofed building, and used: (a) to house equipment for elevator, ventilation or air conditioning, or other mechanical or electrical systems serving the building, or (b) to house one or more apartments, access to which is gained by a stair or stairs, or a separate elevator but usually not by the building’s main elevators.
2. An appentice.
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Toni Haber of Douglas Elliman brokered the penthouse sale.
Following this acquisition, KM's portfolio of wholly owned and operated gentleman's clubs will include The Crazy Horse Cabaret Port Allen, The Gold Club Gonzales, The Penthouse Club Baton Rouge, The Penthouse Club New Orleans and The Penthouse Club Philadelphia.
This penthouse is very special because it has 270-degree views of Downtown Dubai and the sea.
In total, Galbraith House has six one-bedroom and 12 two-bedroom apartments alongside the 2,734 sq ft penthouse with eight units already sold.
Penthouse A is the uppermost residence, located on the 18th floor, and features over 6,000 s/f of interior space and an additional 4,500+ s/f of private terrace space.
Launched in 2009, the Penthouse family of channels (Penthouse HD, Penthouse HD1, Penthouse HD2 and Penthouse 3D) and their respective VOD services, reach over 300 million households globally and were the first linear Adult HD and 3D channels available in Europe.
We are very excited about the launch of the Penthouse 3D channel," the Herald Sun quoted Marc Bell, CEO of FriendFinder Networks, the Boca Raton, Fla.
A true penthouse is on the top floor of a building and uniquely different from units on lower floors--larger, with more interesting architecture, higher ceilings, custom finishes, impressive views and outdoor spaces," explains Maureen Horn, agent with Michael Saunders & Company.
He also published Forum, Variations and Penthouse Letters, pocket-sized magazines based on some of the most popular Penthouse columns.
For just pounds 20 they can take a boat ride around the docks and then enjoy a trip into the tower and see how penthouse life might feel.
And it could all be yours as Merseyside's most expensive penthouse was put on the market yesterday.