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1. a flat or maisonette built onto the top floor or roof of a block of flats
2. a construction on the roof of a building, esp one used to house machinery
3. a shed built against a building, esp one that has a sloping roof
4. Real Tennis the roofed corridor that runs along three sides of the court


A structure on a flat-roofed building, occupying usually less than half the roof area.


(building construction)
An enclosed space built on a flat roof to cover a stairway, elevator, or other equipment.
A dwelling built on top of the main roof.
A sloping shed or roof attached to a wall or building.

penthouse, pendice, pentice

1. A structure occupying usually less than half the roof area of a flat-roofed building, and used: (a) to house equipment for elevator, ventilation or air conditioning, or other mechanical or electrical systems serving the building, or (b) to house one or more apartments, access to which is gained by a stair or stairs, or a separate elevator but usually not by the building’s main elevators.
2. An appentice.
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We are thrilled to announce the pricing for Penthouses Two and Four," said Stan Gale, chairman of Gale International.
The penthouses are distinctive for their richness of character, and we are delighted to be opening these guest accommodations to the world's most discerning travellers.
But as every aficionado of Sarasota real estate knows, there are penthouses and then there are penthouses.
But as well as dominating the traditional two-up, two-down, both literally and as a status symbol, penthouses also seem to be rising high above the property market's recent slowdown.
These are seen as 'must have' penthouses, ' said sales manager Steve Russell.
But potential buyers should beware - pitfalls peculiar to buying penthouses or high- rise flats.
Sales of these upscale condo penthouse residences are a sign of the increasing wealth in Miami and an understanding of what our city offers," said Veronica Cervera, CEO of Cervera Real Estate.
The two remaining penthouses are being offered at $12.
The spec of these penthouses is exceptional and we have no doubt that they match other city centre apartments with considerably higher price tags in terms of standard and quality,'' says LPC Chairman Warren Smith.
Stern designed neo-classical building Fifteen Central Park West sold all 16 of its exclusive penthouses since its sales office opened in September 2005.
This building is already the epitome of luxury rental living, with the incomparable views, gracious amenities, superior services and iconic address, and now our penthouses will further enhance its appeal.