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While I have just concluded my overview of the 'handiwork' of weaving with a male craftsman, it is worth underlining once more that the network of guest-friendship into which Helen inserts her mnema is comprised of women: she specifies that the peplos is to be given to Telemachus's future wife, but before then, entrusted to Penelope's care.
Penelope uses the loom to resist the pressure to remarry, thus reshaping social pressures to her own ends by weaving a dolos,(51) whereas Helen crafts from her loom a peplos to serve as a permanent monument to the skill of her own hands.
There were, in fact, professional male weavers in ancient Greece (see Burford 1972, 87), such as those employed to weave Athena's peplos for the Greater Panathenaia every four years (Barber 1992, 113-4, citing Mansfield 1985).
Que tropa de amigos de toda Grecia no escogio para cobrar el dorado cenidor del peplo de la hija de Ares --la caza mortifera del cingulo--?
Hijo, deja caer de tus ojos el peplo, tiralo lejos, muestra tu rostro al sol.
Male characters do wear peploi in Greek literature, however, and although we cannot assume that the literary peplos corresponds with the garment represented in sculpture, (27) the comparison is instructive.
30) Despite his (in)famous hypermasculinity, Herakles wears a peplos with no adverse effects.
gifts; Athena with a peplos, Hephaistos with a war-club and a coat of mail, these two gods vying with one another in accordance with the arts they practiced, the one with an eye to the enjoyment and delight afforded in times of peace, the other looking to his safety amid the perils of war.
Y cuando entero ya mi cuerpo, popa y proa se extendieron, y el peplo azul de la diosa estire como vela maestral, tu, mi balsa recien hecha, cual-golondrina-aleteaste, igual / mi corazon (41).
Here the goddess wears her high-crested helmet, and a himation replaces her aegis over the peplos.
To the right stand Athena and Hermes; Athena wears her high-crested Attic helmet, a colorful and embroidered peplos, and her aegis.
As in the main scene, she wears a high-crested Attic helmet, striped peplos, and aegis, but all three are decorated slightly differently in comparison to their counterparts below.