pepper root

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Has 4 petaled white flowers. Helps with toothache. The root tastes peppery kind of like horseradish and can be chewed for colds and flu or made into tea to gargle with for sore throat. Used to spice up food. The entire plant can be used- leaves, stems, flowers, root. Add to your salads, rice etc. Even when the leaves are gone, the roots are still underground and edible.
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Endophytic bacteria were isolated from black pepper roots and cultured on nutrient agar.
In this study we screened through and isolated some endophytic bacteria from black pepper roots. The isolates were evaluated for biocontrol capability against the F.
Roots and rhizosphere soils around black pepper roots were collected from several areas in two black pepper farms (UPM Campus Bintulu, N03deg13'00'' E 113deg05'56'' and Tondong, N01deg26'59''E110deg08'2''), where RKN disease is prevalent.
The roots in inoculated plants showed lower levels than control pepper roots, on the fourth and sixth days following the infection (P less than 0.05) (Fig.