pepper tree

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pepper tree:

see sumacsumac
or sumach
, common name for some members of the Anacardiaceae, a family of trees and shrubs native chiefly to the tropics but ranging into north temperate regions and characterized by resinous, often acrid, sap.
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Base officials are in the process of developing techniques to slow and hopefully stop the spread of the Brazilian pepper tree, and that will help not only the Air Force installation, but also the entire state where the tree has spread.
Neighbors said it took nine men two days to pull the pepper tree and stump from Fornatoro's backyard, then landscape the area.
Uplights and candles To give the garden understated elegance at night, Hendershot installed only a couple of landscape lights--one at the base of the pepper tree, the other at the base of an oak.
Kelley Fornatoro returned from vacation this month to find someone had ripped out her 50-foot pepper tree -- roots, stump and all.
Its labyrinth is outlined in stones under a large pepper tree.
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Distilled from the rose-hued berries of the Peruvian pepper tree and used as a spice in cooking, Pink Pepper has a dry, fresh scent with hints of angelica and juniper-like notes.
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There is an inherent contradiction in Chris Stewart sitting in a hotel doing an interview for his sec-ond book A Parrot in the Pepper Tree.
Paul recognized the mature plants that were worth hanging on to, including a handsome pepper tree that screened out the telephone pole in the alley, and pittosporum shrubs tall enough to hide most of the concrete block wall that borders the garden.
In the brewery, researchers also found large deposits of seeds from the Peruvian pepper tree, Schinus molle.