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pepper tree:

see sumacsumac
or sumach
, common name for some members of the Anacardiaceae, a family of trees and shrubs native chiefly to the tropics but ranging into north temperate regions and characterized by resinous, often acrid, sap.
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The fruits and leaves of Brazilian pepper tree have medicinal properties as anti-diarrheal, astringent, diuretic, purgative, stomachic, tonic, anti-inflammatory, fungicidal and bactericidal (FENNER et al., 2006).
bungeanum (Chinese prickly-ash, Sichuan pepper tree), whereas adults were observed also on other green parts of the host plant, such as leafstalks and fruits (Figs.
The product is made with a natural extract from the bark of the Brazilian pepper tree, and it has been shown to lower the acidity of the stomach.
Along those lines, Hebron recently rolled out an upset stomach relief product called Kios that is formulated with the active ingredient Schinus terebinthifolius, an extract from the bark of the Brazilian pepper tree.
That tactile tree is a pepper tree, not only the one that appears a number of times in Wright's poems, beginning, I believe, with "Going Home" in China Trace ("The ides of a hangdog month.
Penders is fighting one of the most corrosive salt-laden environments in the country, along with the invasive and perpetually spreading Brazilian pepper tree, to save what remains of the birth of the American space program.
I planted two saplings, an elm and a California pepper tree, and thought I'd someday sit beneath them.
There's a great Thai restaurant near my house in Clapham, called the Pepper Tree. I go there every Sunday when I'm at home.
Other solutions linked to Wright's website included Temporal Tension, which was said to promote relaxation and 'clarity of the mind' and Mico Plus, said to be a 'dynamic, synergistic formula' made partially from the Brazilian Pepper Tree and 'highly potent'.
Driving Over lemons and A Parrot in the Pepper Tree were delights but a lame prologue had me worried that Steward had run out of steam.
Indeed, the phrase "peppercorn rent", which nowadays means a pittance, started off meaning expensive rent because in mediaeval times pepper (the seeds of the pepper tree, piper nigrum) was more valuable than gold!
His A PARROT IN THE PEPPER TREE (095352275X) provides a sequel, continuing the story of his farm life as they clash with a misanthropic parrot who immerses himself in their life--and faces a threat to their valley from a proposed dam project.