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Tarry a while to take in the wonders of the 6th century grave of Melitus the Medic in Llangian churchyard, the 18th century roadway known as the Lon Goed constructed to carry lime, the Bronze Age hill fort of Tre'r Ceiri, the pepper-pot tower of Llandegwning church, or the famous Gegin Fawr in Aberdaron, where pilgrims received sustenance before the crossing to Bardsey.
Our aim is to ensure spending is targeted, not spread around pepper-pot fashion.
Dr Chris Upton is re-enacting the Battle of Waterloo with a pepper-pot, a coffee cup and a map of Belgium at Newman College of Higher education in Birmingham.
Billing used his now famous pepper-pot feeder, trickling maggots into the swim continuously, alternating each cast between red and bronze maggot, then a caster.
Rather than carrying out pepper-pot demolition, we want to create huge open spaces by taking away clusters of empty houses.
But it is a sure thing that Arsenal were mighty relieved to be only one goal down at the interval and well after it, with Seaman having to make a series of alert stops - amid a pepper-pot of fierce drives that flashed just wide of his goal.
If you're growing the opium poppy, Papaver somnifera, leave the large pepper-pot seed heads for winter decoration.
Mr Blake, of Cardiff, was paid pounds 40,000 for playing a Tombliboo, one of three "Tumbly pepper-pot toys whose trousers tend to fall down at unexpected times", according to the show's website.
Mr Blake plays a Tombliboo in the show, a character which is one of three "tumbly, pepper-pot toys - Unn, Ooo and Eee", whose "trousers tend to fall down at unexpected times," according to the show's website.
I would like to plant a patch of dry soil with opium poppies that produce large pepper-pot seed heads that I can harvest when dry for making Christmas decorations.