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A water-soluble mixture of proteoses and amino acids derived from albumin, meat, or milk; used as a nutrient and to prepare nutrient media for bacteriology.
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a product formed by the partial hydrolysis of proteins and consisting chiefly of a mixture of various polypeptides and also containing dipeptides, tripeptides, and free amino acids. Peptones are formed by the action of proteolytic enzymes in gastric and pancreatic juices (pepsin, trypsin) on proteins or by careful hydrolysis of proteins in acid or alkaline solutions. The composition and name of a peptone depend on the type of protein from which the peptone is derived. Thus, there are meat peptones, fish peptones egg peptones, and others. Peptones are used in microbiology for the preparation of nutrient media.

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It is expected that the peptone feeding approach utilized in this study would improve TGE yields in CHO cells and this method will be an attractive alternative to TGE in HEK-293 cells for the generation of recombinant proteins in preclinical research.
It is worth to mention that buffered peptone water and tetrathionate broth were used for enrichment purpose.
MAC CONKEY AGAR: peptone (20.0 g), synthetic detergent (5.0 g), sodium chloride (5.0 g), lactose (10.0 g), neutral red (0.07 g), agar (12.0 g).
Ten grams of sample and 100 mL peptone water were homogenized and further [10.sup.-] fold dilutions ([10.sup.-2], [10.sup.-3]) were prepared and analyzed.
A sample of beef (10.0 g) was well mixed in 90 ml diluent (Saline peptone containing, g/L Distilled water; 1.0 g, Peptone; 8.5 g, NaCl; pH 7.0 [+ or -] 0.2 and autoclaved at 121 [degrees]C for 15 min.) and prepared into suitable dilutions.
These were individually swabbed with sterile cotton swabs (moistened previously with 0.1% peptone water).
When similar experiments were conducted in OPPSS broth, which contains proteose peptone as an additional carbon source, degradation patterns changed for most of the isolates (Table 2).
Skin sample was placed in a sterile plastic bag with 45 ml of 0.1% peptone buffer and pummeled in a Stomacher for 2 min.
After 20 hours of pre-enrichment in buffered peptone water, both protocols were sensitive enough to identify all positive samples.
Starch casein agar, agar, asparagine, Luria Bertani broth, dextrose, maltose, D-(+)-galactose, soya peptone, yeast extract powder and dialysis membranes-150 were purchased from HiMedia laboratories, India.
Culture media: Glucose, (Acros Organics), bacteriological peptone, malt extract, yeast extract powder and nutrient agar (Lab M Limited), K2HPO4 (Laboratory Reagent), MgSO4 (Oxford Laboratory Reagent), agar (Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt.