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A water-soluble mixture of proteoses and amino acids derived from albumin, meat, or milk; used as a nutrient and to prepare nutrient media for bacteriology.



a product formed by the partial hydrolysis of proteins and consisting chiefly of a mixture of various polypeptides and also containing dipeptides, tripeptides, and free amino acids. Peptones are formed by the action of proteolytic enzymes in gastric and pancreatic juices (pepsin, trypsin) on proteins or by careful hydrolysis of proteins in acid or alkaline solutions. The composition and name of a peptone depend on the type of protein from which the peptone is derived. Thus, there are meat peptones, fish peptones egg peptones, and others. Peptones are used in microbiology for the preparation of nutrient media.

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An evaluation of alkaline peptone water for enrichment of Vibrio cholerae in feces.
Egg shell surface: A sterile cotton swab, soaked in sterilized normal saline was swabbed on egg surface and immersed in 10 ml normal saline solution followed by transmission to 90 ml of buffered peptone water then incubated at 37degC for 18 hours (Singh et al.
coli (STEC) by inoculation into selenite F broth (SFB) and buffered peptone water (BPW).
The mushrooms were aseptically transferred using sterilized forceps into sterile blender jars to which an equal weight of sterile buffered peptone water (BPW, Difco) was added.
Specifically, for each culture of formula, 100 grams of Portagen were inoculated in phosphate-buffered peptone water, incubated overnight, subcultured, reincubated, and picked and streaked.
Samples were swabbed with sterilized cotton or mixed with peptone water and then inoculated into selective medium BTJA, containing phytone, tomato juice, sodium chloride, and bromcresol purple.
Contract awarded for Supply and delivery of buffered peptone water, 24 leb complete broth and filter units
The fermentation of various sugars was examined by changes in the colour of Andrade peptone water containing 0.
Ten grams of each samples was added to 90-ml peptone water (1% peptone + 0.
1% peptone water (Difco, 0118-17-0) and homogenized.