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A water-soluble mixture of proteoses and amino acids derived from albumin, meat, or milk; used as a nutrient and to prepare nutrient media for bacteriology.
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a product formed by the partial hydrolysis of proteins and consisting chiefly of a mixture of various polypeptides and also containing dipeptides, tripeptides, and free amino acids. Peptones are formed by the action of proteolytic enzymes in gastric and pancreatic juices (pepsin, trypsin) on proteins or by careful hydrolysis of proteins in acid or alkaline solutions. The composition and name of a peptone depend on the type of protein from which the peptone is derived. Thus, there are meat peptones, fish peptones egg peptones, and others. Peptones are used in microbiology for the preparation of nutrient media.

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cholerae, surface pellicle was formed after 48 hours of incubation at 37[degrees] C in both conventional and groundnut alkaline peptone water. The cholera red reaction was though positive in both conventional and groundnut peptone water it was difficult to interpret in the groundnut media due to its pink color.
Oxoid Alkaline Peptone Water complies with the formulation recommended for the isolation of Vibrio species in several recognized international food and water standards, including FDA/BAM, APHA, ISO 8914:1990 and the UK Environment Agency's Water Testing Methods.
The broth was incubated at 37 C and then suspended in peptone water at pH 6.7 with an electrical conductivity of 30 mS.
Bacteria-inoculated (4 logs CFU per mL) 0.1 % buffered peptone water at pH 7.4 was treated at 100 MPa, 200 MPa and 300 MPa for 1 minute and 5 minutes at 20 C with a discontinuous isostatic system.
The slices were macerated in peptone water, and bacteria were enumerated on Petrifilm Aerobic and Enterobacteriaceae plates.
At specific times, the coupons were removed from culture medium with sterile tweezers, immersed in 5 mL of Peptone Water 0.1% (AP, HiMedia[R]Laboratories.
coli O157:H7 cells which had been suspended in peptone water with about 0.01% to 0.04% calcium oxide at 5 C, 15 C and 25 C.
The bacterial suspension was made by inoculating 4-5 isolated identical colonies in peptone water. The peptone water was then incubated at 37[degrees]C for 2 h.
The brushes thus collected were dipped (head side) in 3 ml of sterile peptone water (PW) and vortexed.