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a breed of heavy draft horses that were introduced in the early 19th century in northwestern France in the Perche region. The breed was developed by inbreeding local draft horses and improving them by crossbreeding with Oriental breeds (mainly the Arabian horse). Percherons were first brought to Russia in the late 19th century; they were raised at the Khrenovoe Stud Farm (in present-day Voronezh Oblast) and used to improve various breeds.

Percherons are large, strong, lean horses. The coat is gray and black. These horses, known for their great load-carrying capacity (to 25 tons) and hardiness, are excellent work horses. They are raised in the USSR (Voronezh, Tambov, and Ul’ianovsk oblasts) and in many countries of Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa.


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Like Little, the Sailes prefer Percheron draft horses because of their easygoing dispositions.
In its narrative dynamic, as in the standard Woolrich scenario, The Deadly Percheron pits objective rationality against a violent collapse into arbitrariness and chaos, and so brings into classic collision the two opposing forces that, in one form or another, were often to be found close to the dark center of the Noir imagination.
Horse handler Chanelle Sullivan watches as two new Percheron foals play together at a Warwickshire stud farm which boasts Britain's only Percheron display team.
The Percherons will be members of the Caisson Platoon of the 3rd U.
We have a bond,'' she said of the 1-ton Percheron that was once half of a team of Amish plow horses.
Tractor-drawn mowers, on the other hand, tend to slow down in heavy hay: not so with these Percherons.
Jerry is the president of a local draft horse club called Ozarks Draft Horse Association and he and his wife Judy care for an ever-changing number of beautiful registered Percheron draft horses.
An ornamental blacksmith by trade, Mr McPherson has a life-long passion for heavy horses - not just Shires, but Clydesdales and Suffolks, Ardennes and Percherons.
Mr Collins has calculated that the horses - eight shire horses and eight Percherons - will have to generate a force of more than five tonnes to separate the two metal hemispheres if an absolute vacuum is achieved.
The tragic death of Alvin, one of the farm's other Percherons, prompted the farm to sponsor the large animal rescue workshop.
My son-in-law, Chad Ramsey, took a real nice picture of me and my team of Percherons plowing with an International Harvester plow at the 34th annual Mid-America Threshing & Antique Show in Tipton, Ind.