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parclose, perclose

1. In medieval churches and derivatives, a screen dividing a special space from general space.
2. The parapet round a gallery.
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A spokesperson for Abbott Laboratories, which markets the device, told us that the best way to get information on who is using the Perclose Closure S system is to call 1-800-ABBOTT-3 and to choose option 8.
"But if you are tired you have gaze fixation, and as time goes on your held of view narrows." Percentage of eyelid closure (known as "perclose") and blink rate also help determine if the driver is getting sleepy, since people blink more when they are tired and there is a gradual increase in eyelid closure.
March told us about the Perclose closure system for which he holds a series of patents.
Taking a break from her patrol, Joyce, who lives in Perclose, near the school in Dinas Powys, said: 'It was supposed to be temporary, but I'm still here!
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