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"Water is the perfect fluid to be consumed because it has its own nutrients, its own salt.
An iterative exact dashpot boundary condition was employed in SBFEM for obtaining the wavenumbers for waveguide immersed in perfect fluid [7], Hayashi et al has extended SAFE formulation for plates loaded with leaky medium [11].
Several cosmological models were obtained with constant deceleration parameter, where the matter is in the form of perfect fluid or ordinary matter.
We assumed the stellar material as perfect fluid, with energy density [??], radial pressure [??], without heat conduction neither viscosity, then
In another paper Manoff[6] found the Euler -Lagrange equations from an unconstrained variation principle by using the method of Lagrangian with covariant derivatives and additional conditions for the perfect fluid. Bhat [7] derived the lagrangian averaged Euler equations for barotropic compressible flows by adding dispersion instead of artificial viscosity.
Unexpectedly, predictions of relativistic hydrodynamics - applicable to low momentum hadron data - indicated that QGP behaves as nearly perfect fluid, thus bringing exciting connections between the hottest (QGP) and the coldest (perfect Fermi gas) matter on Earth.
Vogt and Letelier studied the inclusion of electromagenetic fields into thin disks made of dust (Vogt and Letelier, 2004b) and of charged perfect fluid (Vogt and Letelier, 2004b).
"Hopefully this will provide another gateway into understanding why this quark-gluon fluid is such a perfect fluid - the nature of why this is so is still a puzzle.
Matthew Bulgo has the perfect fluid restraint in Play and is superb in Silence.
Thoma [1] are among the first researchers that had observed a difference between the fluid flow properties for real fluid and perfect fluid in bladed wheel.
Only under extreme conditions, such as collisions in which temperatures exceed by a million times those at the center of the sun, do quarks and gluons pull apart to become the ultra-hot, frictionless perfect fluid known as quark-gluon plasma.
An interesting approach to analyze a rigid container mounted on flexible springs interacting with a perfect fluid including sloshing effects has been done by Lui and Lou [4].