perforated brick

perforated brick (Brit.)

A brick or block in which holes passing through it exceed 25% of its volume, and in which the holes are not small (as defined under solid masonry unit, 2); up to three holes, not exceeding 5 sq in. (32.5 sq cm) each, may be incorporated as an aid to handling.
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The fixing expands in concrete and solid brick, folds in perforated brick and folds or knots in board materials.
They can be used in all structures from concrete to low-strength blockwork, including solid and hollow materials such as perforated brick, hollow block and hollow precast concrete.
Comparison of different materials attenuation Panel Initial Determined Attenuation Noise Noise Level [alpha] Level after dB dB Without panel 73,90 73,90 0 Glass 73,90 72,00 1,90 Brick 73,90 71,60 2,30 Perforated brick 73,90 71,30 2,60 Solid Wood 73,90 71,10 2,80 Acrylic 4 mm 73,90 70,90 3,00 Acrylic 8 mm 73,90 70,90 3,00 Studied panel 73,90 65,40 8,50
Construction of the existing buildings, which lie side by side and are rectangular in plan, is of perforated brick within a concrete frame.
His protagonists could truly sense the designer's concern for every aspect, even the bell tower, a perforated brick cylinder with a spiral staircase within.