perforated brick

perforated brick (Brit.)

A brick or block in which holes passing through it exceed 25% of its volume, and in which the holes are not small (as defined under solid masonry unit, 2); up to three holes, not exceeding 5 sq in. (32.5 sq cm) each, may be incorporated as an aid to handling.
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The fixing expands in concrete and solid brick, folds in perforated brick and folds or knots in board materials.
They can be used in all structures from concrete to low-strength blockwork, including solid and hollow materials such as perforated brick, hollow block and hollow precast concrete.
Comparison of different materials attenuation Panel Initial Determined Attenuation Noise Noise Level [alpha] Level after dB dB Without panel 73,90 73,90 0 Glass 73,90 72,00 1,90 Brick 73,90 71,60 2,30 Perforated brick 73,90 71,30 2,60 Solid Wood 73,90 71,10 2,80 Acrylic 4 mm 73,90 70,90 3,00 Acrylic 8 mm 73,90 70,90 3,00 Studied panel 73,90 65,40 8,50
Construction of the existing buildings, which lie side by side and are rectangular in plan, is of perforated brick within a concrete frame.
His protagonists could truly sense the designer's concern for every aspect, even the bell tower, a perforated brick cylinder with a spiral staircase within.
ceiling d = 15-20 cm, c30 / 37, 1190 t reinforcing steel, 810 m 2 ks masonry d = 20 cm, 1 180 m 2 ks masonry d = 11.5 cm, 130 m 2 hollow perforated brick, d = 11.5 cm, 1 000 m underground pipes dn 100- 300 including earthworks.
demolition bt 3 staircase 1.00 psch reinforced concrete walls, pillars, columns and joists break off 296.82 m 3 load-bearing solid and perforated brick masonry walls up to d approx.
Laboratory tests under identical conditions on soaked vertically perforated brick walls have shown that the new method reduces energy consumption by over 80 percent compared with IR heating panels over the same drying period.
1) demolition of partition walls made of perforated brick 2) demolition of pvc lining 3) separation of internal electrical installations, lighting and sockets 4) translating class lighting 5) cleaning walls and ceilings from old paint coatings 6) making new gypsum plaster on walls with reinforcement pvc mesh 7) abrasion of ceilings 8) painting of rooms for walls and ceilings 9) flooring made of tarkett lining
Partitions made of perforated brick on cement and lime mortar brand 3 mpa reinforced with a coater in every second joint.
1500 m lightweight plaster, type 1 on Light perforated brick, new construction;