perforated wall

pierced wall, perforated wall, screen wall

A nonbearing masonry wall in which an ornamental pierced effect is achieved by alternating rectangular or shaped blocks with open spaces.
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The perforated wall still retains its function as a major bearing structure.
Rolling green pastures are reinterpreted as a tilted, geometric grid on the ceiling; the vast blue sky is represented by light colored floor tiles; and a series of backlit, perforated wall panels, a loose interpretation of the spots of the cows in the field, serve to energize the space.
Sarasota Magazine's office is just a few blocks away, so we'd been following the Spencer House's progress closely and were itching to venture beyond that long, low perforated wall along Prospect Street to see what all the fuss was about.
The full and perforated wall panels one side sheathed with the dimension of 2750x3750 mm are presented in Fig 3.
9 mph--projectile perforated wall [up arrow] Sheer Stability [up arrow] Sustainability Indoor Air Quality [up arrow] Senior Lifestyle Wood-Stud Construction Benefits/Wall Attributes Comfort Thermal R-Value R-15.
The product inside the vessel is collected inside the perforated inner wall, and when steam enters the vessel, it is evenly distributed around the perforated wall and enters the product from all sides.
John Bock succeeded in charming with a hidey-hole perforated wall that partially concealed the artists and his mess, but his interactive gambit, which included having your arm decorated with colorful doodads when you stuck it into a mural orifice, resembled a concession more than a happening.
It covers the provision of full wall panels and perforated wall panels, natural stone or reconstituted, intended for wall covering 2 underground stations T6 and their attachment system.
The perforated wall, and the secret garden, shape and structure a new urban topography out of various extruded, sunken and projecting volumes.
1 m) long steel planks, so that pedestrians have intermittent views out through the perforated walls of the corrugated metal carapace as they cross.
His buildings are radical, from the geometry of their floor plans to the perforated walls that filter light into the interiors.
The workshop with its wealth of timber detail - the flamboyant structure of plywood and stainless steel, the finely perforated walls of the central service zone, the wooden surfaces sunk into concrete floors- is ready to take hammer blows and nail holes, dropped tools, footsteps and shouts, the din of machinery, scorch marks, paint spills.