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(computer science)
A subroutine in the COBOL programming language that allows a portion of a program to be executed on command by other portions of the same program.
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A COBOL statement used for executing "paragraphs".

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(ii) An instrument-mediated detection, performable without the help of any device under the appropriate conditions, is an observation.
Lekeu died at the age of 24 and left 13 songs, of which only 8 are performable. He studied with Cesar Franck and Vincent d'Indy in
Calin's soundings of the Scots Renaissance reflect the rich insights to be derived from the comparative approach: most intriguing is the assessment of William Alexander's Monarchicke Tragedies in the context of French humanist drama as performable plays in sympathy with the contemporary European stage.
Flow-cytometry is considered the gold standard for diagnosis but being costly and not available in majority of the centers in developing countries including India, so alternative methods which are cheaper and easily performable can be adapted for diagnosis.
However, these methods are not performable due to the emerging of new dyes with aromatic structure and high stability.
Trading in staid notions of a bookish people for a dancing body of performance and a performable book, Dancing Jewish lays critical groundwork for Jewish dance artists, scholars and audiences to come.
"Integra is like a time capsule, it makes older works performable. In 50 years' time everything will be completely seamless and transparent.
The result, as Query expertly shows, is a body of plays that is perhaps more performable than some of Eliot's earliest ventures into the theater, but that offers no palliatives or possibilities.
One of the advantages of the proposed method is to determine the types of left and right returns to scales is that the proposed method is performable for all target DMUs while the method of Golany and Yu [7] is not always performable.
Scholars have long known that the nineteenth-century actress Eliza O'Neill was a significant factor in Percy Shelley's decision to compose his 1819 tragedy The Cenci as a performable, stage-worthy drama.
To test statistical hypotheses and data analysis, multiple linear regression in ordinary least squares have been used and the statistical analysis of the data is also performable using SPSS and E-Views statistical software.
However, for forging rolls, which would need 4 to 5 passages it is hardly performable without quick automation.

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