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The new materials each boast a special performance characteristic, such as dimensional stability, higher temperature resistance, or enhanced purity.
When you optimize on one key performance characteristic, you are likely to give up a benefit relative to another performance characteristic.
The new contract integrates the fast-cure UV ink technology, with the added flexibility and performance characteristics of traditional inks -without the VOC's.
The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) (December 6) removed a refrigerating appliance from the record of listed models under the Energy Efficiency (Labelling of Products) Ordinance as it failed to reach the energy efficiency and performance characteristics submitted to the EMSD.
The newly created AP Ventures is the first fund of its kind investing in pioneering technologies and businesses harnessing the unique high performance characteristics of PGMs.
Company engineers concrete reinforcing fibers to maximize ease of use, expedite mix placement and impart high performance characteristics in finished slabs or structures.
"It allows our customers, as they are designing their cooling system, to select a fan based on the performance characteristics they need," said Manish Virmani, vice president, global market development.
The enhanced additive is the first to be introduced as part of the new "Ultra" extension of the company's line of Masilsilicone additives, a designation indicating premium performance characteristics that have been tailored and optimized for specific end-use needs.
Emerald Specialty Polymers, a business group of Emerald Performance Materials, has introduced Nychem 1561X604, a new nitrile latex emulsion designed to optimize strength, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and other performance characteristics in paper saturation, textile coating and gasket applications.
A range of gratings have been selected for the spectrometer to optimize wavelength range and stray light performance characteristics. To further tailor the instrument to application needs, replaceable slits can be reconfigured by the user in the field.
They encompass a broad range of diverse materials with a number of performance characteristics, including wide service temperature range, thermal, shear and dielectric stability, chemical inertness and low toxicity.
Ferrule Opti-Garcl[TM] offers highest performance characteristics available for aseptic installations.

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