performance indicators

Performance indicators

A set of measures that reflect the environmental or sustainable credentials or performance of a building. It should be noted that, in research literature, a distinction is made between environmental or “green” assessment and “sustainable” assessment; the latter includes the indicators covered in the former and extends its scope to include social, economic, and other indicators.

performance indicators (and performance targets)

a set of criteria used to measure, compare and assess the performance of an organization or project in order to establish its degree of success. Most performance indicator systems are based on one or more of four types of indicators:
  1. cost indicators – focusing on financial performance, such as profit and loss for a given period;
  2. take-up and volume indicators, e.g. occupancy rates – these record the extent to which a service or programme, or aspects of provision are used, often being compared against maximum possible use or use in comparable contexts;
  3. impact, or result indicators – measure the effect of a service by collecting information regarding the benefits produced; and
  4. user reactions – gauge the degree of satisfaction experienced by recipients and consumers, through, for example, questionnaires, or by monitoring the number of complaints received.

The measurement of performance against explicit performance targets is a further feature of much contemporary use of performance indicators. (see also LEAGUE TABLES.)

Performance indicators and performance targets are a central feature of the forms of NEW PUBLIC MANAGEMENT introduced by governments. Although there is resistance -with claims that such systems can distort provision – these systems also have potential advantages in empowering clients and customers and can be attractive to managers of provision and services because they appear to offer clear and precise measurements thus simplifying complex situations. Criticisms remain, however. First, there is the issue of how best to identify appropriate targets and achievable goals. The aims and objectives of management may diverge from those of practitioners and users. Second, there is a danger that those who being assessed may be compelled to concentrate on targets, at the expense of other aspects of activity (which may be less amenable to measurement by indicators), thus leading to a general decline in standards. Finally, there is a lack of flexibility with regard to assessing a programme, for example, no account can be taken of unplanned outcomes; thus performance indicators are rarely a true reflection of work carried out. See also AUDIT, AUDIT SOCIETY, VALUATION, FORMATIVE EVALUATION, SUMMATIVE EVALUATION AND SOCIAL AUDIT

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During inauguration of a workshop to discuss outcomes of the results-based budget (RBB) and performance indicators program, carried out by the International Institute for Governance and Risk (GovRisk), Kanakariya added the ministry is focusing on reviewing strategic objectives and key performance indicators, and is pushing ahead with this ambitious project to render the ministry's work more effective.
The Asia University Ranking used 13 performance indicators to provide the most comprehensive and balanced comparisons.
The budget and planning committee og parliament has received the budget for the first quarter (Q1) of fiscal year 2017/2018 from the Ministries of Housing and Transport, in accordance with performance indicators and programmes.
Subsequently, team performance indicators during matches may provide a holistic foundation for coaches in the development of training and match strategies to enhance success.
Some of the findings reported by the PBO show, with relation to outcome one (quality basic education), that a mere 10 of the 40 MTFS performance indicators are presented in departmental APPs.
Key performance indicators for civil service officials were decided upon at a meeting organised by the Civil Service Bureau (CSB).
Performance indicators are quantitative and measure how effective, efficient or productive the activity was--usually expressed in a ratio or percentage.
PESHAWAR -- Chief Minister KP Pervez Khattak Wednesday directed for developing performance indicators of all the ministers, advisors, special assistants, administrative secretaries and heads of the government organizations in order to improve system of governance and streamline their performance.
The themes of the workshop focus on quality and the application of international data on national accounts, balance of payments, quality ,the application of international data on structural statistics for international trade and industry and others and standard comparison and performance indicators, selected statistical indicators for country analysis policy-oriented industrial development, competitive industrial performance indicator, using firm-level data, and the skills to write statistical reports and the programme of aggregating the performance indicators.
Summary: Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy viewed strategic and operation performance indicators at the Ministry for the current year.
Performance indicators are (should be) a key component of any basic planning.
The NRC evaluates inspection findings and performance indicators at commercial nuclear power plants with a color-coded system that classifies them as green, white, yellow or red, in increasing order of safety significance.

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