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A relatively permanent natural or artificial object bearing a marked point whose elevation above or below an adopted datum—for example, sea level—is known. Abbreviated BM.
(industrial engineering)
A standard of measurement possessing sufficient identifiable characteristics common to the individual units of a population to facilitate economical and efficient comparison of attributes for units selected from a sample.
(science and technology)
A reference value against which a measurement or a series of measurements may be compared.


A permanent reference mark, fixed to a building or to the ground, whose height above a standard datum level has been accurately determined by survey.


A standard program or set of programs which can be run on different computers to give an inaccurate measure of their performance.

"In the computer industry, there are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and benchmarks."

A benchmark may attempt to indicate the overall power of a system by including a "typical" mixture of programs or it may attempt to measure more specific aspects of performance, like graphics, I/O or computation (integer or floating-point). Others measure specific tasks like rendering polygons, reading and writing files or performing operations on matrices. The most useful kind of benchmark is one which is tailored to a user's own typical tasks. While no one benchmark can fully characterise overall system performance, the results of a variety of realistic benchmarks can give valuable insight into expected real performance.

Benchmarks should be carefully interpreted, you should know exactly which benchmark was run (name, version); exactly what configuration was it run on (CPU, memory, compiler options, single user/multi-user, peripherals, network); how does the benchmark relate to your workload?

Well-known benchmarks include Whetstone, Dhrystone, Rhealstone (see h), the Gabriel benchmarks for Lisp, the SPECmark suite, and LINPACK.

See also machoflops, MIPS, smoke and mirrors.

Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.benchmarks.

Tennessee BenchWeb.


A performance test of hardware and/or software. There are various programs that very accurately test the raw power of a single machine, the interaction in a single client/server system (one server/multiple clients) and the transactions per second in a transaction processing system. However, it is next to impossible to benchmark the performance of an entire enterprise network with a great degree of accuracy.

Benchmarks may change their rating scale with new releases of the software. Thus, the same version of the test must often be run to compare results. See PC Magazine benchmarks, BAPCo, ECperf, Linpack, Dhrystone, Whetstone, Khornerstone, SPEC, GPC and RAMP-C.
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Recommendation: To better ensure that the Dashboard provides accurate cost and schedule performance ratings, the Secretary of the Department of the Treasury should direct the CIO to comply with OMB's guidance on updating the CIO rating as soon as new information becomes available that affects the assessment of a given investment, including when an investment is in the process of a rebaseline.
In the 2001-2002 performance tables below I have ordered the teams in each division according to their average match performance rating in league fixtures so far this season and also given their current league position and the difference between the two.
Our supplier performance ratings simulate and improve the traditional processes B2B buyers use when deciding with whom to do business, creating an environment where buyers and suppliers can conduct business with confidence.
Open Ratings developed its supplier performance ratings to simulate and improve the processes B2B buyers use when deciding with whom to do business," says Stan Smith, CEO, president and co-founder of Open Ratings.
Best assigns to insurance companies one of three types of rating opinions, a Best's Rating (A++ to F), a Financial Performance Rating (9 to 1), or a Qualified Rating (A++ to F denoted with a "q" subscript).
This enables Open Ratings to provide round-the-clock access to its service for its public and private exchange customers, allowing buyers on those exchanges to obtain and utilize the financial information and performance ratings essential to making informed transactions online.
Under the terms of the agreement, Open Ratings' supplier performance ratings will be made accessible to net markets that have incorporated Emptoris' ePASS into their technology infrastructure.
To make the list, stocks needed to be priced under $10 per share and have the highest Investor's Business Daily(R) composite performance ratings.
These performance ratings represent the absolute pinnacle of achievement as measured by our regulator, the NRC," said President of FPL's nuclear Division, Jerry Goldberg.
com was among 50 online retailers recognized for receiving above-average performance ratings on the following key metrics:
Pella's enthusiastic participation in this certification program identifies the company's commitment to providing consumers with not only high quality, energy-efficient products but also with accurate energy performance ratings for those products," said John Rivera, administrator, National Fenestration Rating Council.
It received 100% performance ratings during each year of the previous contract.

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