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(computer science)
A subroutine in the COBOL programming language that allows a portion of a program to be executed on command by other portions of the same program.
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A COBOL statement used for executing "paragraphs".

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The refrain of "Work performed," in his own brain, was drowning the other's clatter.
It was work performed. If you are feeding me now for work performed, why did you not feed me then when I needed it?
It was work performed. "The Ring of Bells" and "The Peri and the Pearl" are not changed one iota.
Yet it was work performed. You did not know me then.
As soon as they got into order they divided into two parties, performed mock skirmishes, discharged blunt arrows, drew their swords, fled and pursued, attacked and retired, and in short discovered the best military discipline I ever beheld.
Thus the tendency to repeat a previous performance (which is easily explicable without the intervention of "consciousness") leads to a greater emphasis on the successful movement than on any other, and in time causes it alone to be performed. The objection to this view, if taken as the sole explanation, is that on improvement ought to set in till after the SECOND trial, whereas experiment shows that already at the second attempt the animal does better than the first time.
(3) That processes initiated by instinct often come to be performed better after experience;
When I returned, as often as it was necessary, I cleared their path from the snow and performed those offices that I had seen done by Felix.
The same organ having performed simultaneously very different functions, and then having been specialised for one function; and two very distinct organs having performed at the same time the same function, the one having been perfected whilst aided by the other, must often have largely facilitated transitions.
The main factors HCFA considered in determining how a laboratory test would be classified are the degree of risk of harm to the patient if the test is performed incorrectly, the complexity of the method required to perform and/or interpret the test, and the likelihood of erroneous results.
Currently embarking on a new Hotel Pool project to be performed in the swimming pools of hotels across the country, Headlong credits its freewheeling energy to the lack of a single artistic director.