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(computer science)
A subroutine in the COBOL programming language that allows a portion of a program to be executed on command by other portions of the same program.
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A COBOL statement used for executing "paragraphs".

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Since he is still performing on tour with Movin' Out, Roberts is staging the Bolshoi production in three trips.
The concept of combining students and faculty in a performing ensemble is not often encountered in universities and colleges.
4 CHILDREN'S PIN PEAT GONG ENSEMBLE PERFORMING FOR THE CAMBODIAN KING OF BUDDHIST MONKS (WAT THMEY MONASTERY, THE KILLING FIELDS, SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA) In January, the ensemble performed next to a giant glass shrine containing the bones and skulls of Khmer Rouge victims.
* CPAs WHO APPLY PCAOB AUDITING STANDARDS and GAAS must accept responsibility for performing the audit according to both sets of standards and be aware that the PCAOB piece is an add-on in terms of risk.
The objective is to try to design a system, document and test that system in such a way that if an error were to occur, it would be detected by employees in the ordinary course of performing their duties.
And some high performing schools are "resting on their laurels" and not pushing students as hard as they could or should, according to G.
Athletes start by performing the following dynamic warm-up movements over a 40-yard distance: shuffle with 180-degree turns, high knee skipping, 360 degree turns while jogging/running, forward hopping on one leg to the right and left for 20-yards, and diagonal stepping (bounding).
The revised rules underscore the committee's longstanding position prohibiting members from performing management functions or making management decisions on behalf of their attest clients.
Data also were examined to determine whether differences existed between the perceptual preferences of students by (a) school level (primary and secondary), (b) achievement level (highly performing versus low or non-performing), (c) creative performance (in science, social activities, dance, music, art, literature, drama and sports) and (d) gender (male versus female).
This study investigated differences in patterns of governance policies, practices, and attitudes between higher and lower performing urban Ohio school districts.
DCMA complements this by performing the full spectrum of acquisition contract management (ACM) services in the EMS arena and for the entire life cycle of defense acquisition," Brigadier General Edward M.
While this has been a discernable trend for the last few years, Szuba says the extent to which this is occurring is somewhat surprising, as in even performing applications like gundrilling crankshaft oil channels on flexible CNC machines rather than on dedicated pieces of equipment.