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The pumping of a fluid through a tissue or organ by way of an artery.



a method of passing physiological solutions, blood, blood substitutes, or other fluids through the blood vessels of an organ, a part of the body, or the entire body. Perfusion may be performed on organs completely removed from the body or on organs within the body but isolated from the general vascular system. Widely used in experimental physiology, it permits preservation of the vital activities of organs for a certain period, enabling the study of organ functions and of the effect of hormones, mediators, enzymes, and medicinal substances on physiological systems and the entire body. The method is used in various branches of surgery, including transplantation of organs and tissues. Perfusion of the entire body is used, for example, during heart surgery.

The term “perfusion” also designates the supplying of blood to organs of the body under natural conditions (for example, perfusion of the kidneys, brain, or other organs), which is determined by the state of cardiac activity and local vascular tonus.

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ORS says the LifePort Kidney Transporter gently perfuses the kidney with a cold liquid solution to improve its condition before transplantation.
These patients may complain of perfuse vaginal discharge, and small ulcers may be seen on the cervix during a speculum examination.
In TMR, a laser is used to make channels in the heart wall, enabling blood from the chamber to perfuse the heart muscle.
In previous years, the standard practice to keep the liver viable was to perfuse, or flush out the organ using a saline solution (salt water).
1972: In Finland, American researcher Peter Adam uses a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to cut off the heads of living aborted children and perfuse them with drugs to study brain metabolism.
The iliac arteries branch off the aorta in the abdominal area and carry blood to downstream vessels that perfuse the pelvis, legs and feet.
The technology measures and modulates the volumetric pressure gradients of therapeutic agent(s) within the treatment chamber(s) to perfuse the agent(s) across the tissue membrane enabling controlled delivery of the agents directly to target tissues.
Chairman of the PERFUSE Study Group, Harvard Medical School, and the Principal Investigator in the ATLAS ACS studies.
It is therefore important to maintain a blood pressure that is adequate to perfuse vital organs, i.
Then a tube was put into the aorta for perfuse first with 100 ml aseptic sodium chloride fluid and then with 100 ml phosphate buffer saline of paraformaldehyde (4%) after the right auricle cutting.