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Inflammation of the outer coat of an artery and of the periarterial tissues.



a disorder of the middle and outer layers of the artery walls. Periarteritis nodosa, one of the collagen diseases, affects the entire body. Caused by inflammatory changes and necrosis in the walls of the small arteries, it leads to circulation disorders.

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The entity of eosinophilic periarteritis as an isolated finding was previously described in coronary arteries.
Periarteritis of coronary arteries with severe eosinophilic infiltration.
Pigs-in-a-blanket coronary arteries: a case of immunoglobulin G4-related coronary periarteritis assessed by computed tomography coronary angiography, intravascular ultrasound, and positron emission tomography.
It was from this paper that the disease became known as Wegener's granulomatosis, a term used by a Swedish pathologist, Sven Johnson, who distinguished it from periarteritis nodosa [5].
George Hospital en Hamburg, introdujo el termino de poliarteritis nodosa microscopica en dos pacientes con periarteritis transmural y glomerulonefritis.
The concepts of inflammatory periarteritis and chronic coronary periarteritis have been previously discussed in the literature, including examples of patients without significant luminal stenosis, as well as patients with resulting ischemic heart disease.
A case of periarteritis nodosa with signs of polyneuritis, Raynaud's disease and peritonitis in a patient with progressive chronic arthritis [in Polish].
Allergic granulomatosis, allergic angiitis, and periarteritis nodosa.
Disorders Associated With Esophageal Eosinophilia Gastroesophageal reflux disease Eosinophilic esophagitis Hypereosinophilic syndrome Eosinophilic gastroenteritis Parasitic infection Fungal infection Recurrent vomiting Drug-induced injury Inflammatory bowel disease Esophageal leiomyomatosis Allergic vasculitis Periarteritis nodosa Collagen vascular disease Neoplasia Table 2.

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