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see heartheart,
muscular organ that pumps blood to all parts of the body. The rhythmic beating of the heart is a ceaseless activity, lasting from before birth to the end of life. Anatomy and Function

The human heart is a pear-shaped structure about the size of a fist.
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the closed, saclike structure surrounding the heart in vertebrate animals and in man. The pericardium is an isolated part of the secondary body cavity, the coelom. It consists of two layers: an external, parietal layer—the pericardium proper—and an internal, visceral layer—the epicardium. The pericardium proper consists, in turn, of an internal, serous layer and an external, fibrous layer. The epicardium, being an external membrane of the heart, directly covers and is fused to the heart muscle (myocardium). In the region where large blood vessels enter and leave the heart, the epicardium is turned back and is continuous with the pericardium proper. Between the pericardium layers is a slitlike cavity containing a small quantity of transparent pale-yellow serous fluid. The pericardium contains blood vessels, lymphatics, and numerous nerve endings and is surrounded by areolar connective tissue. It has many receptors, whose stimulation causes hemodynamic and respiratory changes.


The membranous sac that envelops the heart; it contains 5-20 grams of clear serous fluid.


the membranous sac enclosing the heart
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Diseases and disorders of the pericardium can have significant clinical implications.
Native and acellular pericardium before and after cross-linking were subjected to in-vitro non-enzymatic degradation tests as per the procedure described earlier [10].
A graft of Tutoplast(R) ( Tutopatch(R) Tutogen Medical GmbH Germany) processed bovine pericardium was wrapped around the extruded seminiferous tubules and sewn to the free edges of the tunica with 4.
He was anaesthetised with chloroform and a 4th and 5th rib resection was performed, showing that the pericardium was distended with blood.
Traditionally, increased pericardial thickness has been considered a specific diagnostic feature of constrictive pericarditis, but these days there is also a subset of patients with hemodynamic signs of constrictive pericarditis and normal thickness of the pericardium [3].
The mechanism by which Staphylococcus aureus causes a focal abscess in the pericardium is unknown.
The court has heard the princess suffered massive internal bleeding as a result of tears to a key blood vessel attached to her heart - the superior left pulmonary vein - as well as the pericardium, the casing of the heart.
He was a pioneering surgeon and carried out the first successful repairing of the pericardium - the sac around the heart - without modern anaesthetics.
Then follow chapters concerning problems with ventricles, valves, great vessels and the pericardium.
Veritas is a biological material derived from bovine pericardium (a sac-shaped tissue surrounding the heart), which exhibits great suppleness and durability.
MPM commonly invades locally, mostly in the lung, heart, pericardium, chest wall, and vertebrae.
To do this I will first describe the disease, the anatomy of the pericardium and the method used to obtain the CT images.