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The fibrous connective tissue covering cartilage, except at joints.



connective tissue that invests cartilage. Perichondrial cells become differentiated into cartilaginous cells at the same time as the dense homogeneous basic matter of the cartilage forms. In young organisms the perichondrium is converted to periosteum in the process of the development of bone from cartilage.

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These recently introduced resurfacing alternatives include periosteal and perichondral grafts, morselized autologous osteochondral mixtures, biomaterials, autologous chondrocyte transplantation, osteochondral allografts, and autologous osteochondral transplantation.
2] On the other hand, Schilling et al[3] claimed that the tensile forces exerted by the laryngeal skeletal muscles, especially the vocalis muscles, on the local perichondral or periosteal surfaces may contribute to focal changes in the ossified cartilage, predisposing to tissue turnover and secondary neovascularization.