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The fibrous connective tissue covering cartilage, except at joints.
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connective tissue that invests cartilage. Perichondrial cells become differentiated into cartilaginous cells at the same time as the dense homogeneous basic matter of the cartilage forms. In young organisms the perichondrium is converted to periosteum in the process of the development of bone from cartilage.

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Perichondrial graft had no effect on bone conduction, however the mean pre-operative air-conduction of 49.72 dB was significantly reduced to 18.27 dB with p-value of <.05.
After the removal of the skin, perichondrial tissues on the right ears were subjected to liquid nitrogen with a cryospray (spray tip C) from an approximately 5 cm distance thrice for 2 to 3 seconds (3 seconds for proximal parts, and 2 seconds for distal parts of the ear because of its thinner structure).
Critical roles of the TGF-beta type I receptor ALK5 in perichondrial formation and function, cartilage integrity, and osteoblast differentiation during growth plate development.
Sub- perichondrial resection of all deformed cartilages was done.
Advances in the understanding of chondrodermatitis nodularis chronica helices: the perichondrial vasculitis theory.
(2) Applications of osteochondral autografts, fresh osteochondral allograft, periosteal arthroplasty, perichondrial arthroplasty, and chondrocyte transplantation with or without biodegradeable materials promote the development of the repair tissue resembling hyaline cartilage.
Studies show that ear piercing can cause cephalic tetanus (a local form of tetanus caused by wounds or other head and neck infections) (8), Pseudomonas infections, or perichondrial auricular abscesses, especially with Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
The sternohyoid, thyrohyoid, and omohyoid muscles are divided along the inferior border of the hyoid bone and reflected downward, while the external thyroid perichondrium is incised along the superior border from the base of the cornu to the thyroid notch, and an inferiorly based thyroid perichondrial flap is created and dissected, exposing the superior half of the lamina (figure 2).
Various grafts have been used like split thickness skin graft, vein graft, temporalis fascial graft, perichondrial graft, and perichondrium cartilage composite graft.
It is believed to arise from aberrant cartilage (perichondrial ring) on the bone surface.
(4.) Bruns J, Kersten P, Lierse W, Silbermann M: Autologous rib perichondrial grafts in experimentally induced osteochondral lesions in the sheep-knee joint: Morphological results.