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The fibrous connective tissue covering cartilage, except at joints.



connective tissue that invests cartilage. Perichondrial cells become differentiated into cartilaginous cells at the same time as the dense homogeneous basic matter of the cartilage forms. In young organisms the perichondrium is converted to periosteum in the process of the development of bone from cartilage.

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In one report, in the grafting of perichondrium femurotibial joint in 30 rabbits, the growth of new cartilage in continuous passive movement was better than fixation [20].
The posterior approach minimizes visible scars and postoperative contour deformities and allows the harvest of perichondrium and soft tissue at the same time to use as a thin onlay graft.
A microscope provided accurate surface assessment of the extent of the tumor, and the tumor was resected, including the entire true vocal fold, all the adjacent tissue, and the internal perichondrium of the thyroid cartilage (figure 1, B).
A layer of perichondrium was then placed over the bone wax and promontory to provide further reinforcement of the complete round window occlusion (figure 4, C).
4) Cocaine use also causes structural compromise, via vasoconstriction-mediated necrosis of the perichondrium and subsequent chondrocyte death (5)
The skin and perichondrium of the upper and middle thirds of the antihelix were resected.
The hemorrhage in this case resulted from manipulation within the paraglottic space, perhaps from trauma to the inner perichondrium of the thyroid cartilage.
Appropriate management of a nasal hemangioma involves wide resection of the lesion and the underlying mucosa and perichondrium with ligation or cautery of the feeding vessels.
If the eardrum is atrophic, be prepared to repair it at the time of surgery by reinforcing the drum with fascia, perichondrium, or a vein graft.
The graft was sutured to the masseter muscle anteriorly, to the zygomatic arch superiorly, to the sternocleidomastoid muscle posteroinferiorly, to the tragal perichondrium preauricularly, and to the mastoid periosteum postauricularly.
Chronic injury to the perichondrium and failure to correct the causative factors can lead to recurrence.