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In this clip, Steven and the recently inducted Crystal Gem Peridot are preparing to drill to the centre of the Earth in order to stop the world from ending.
Previously found only in meteorites, ringwoodite is a form of the mineral peridot, believed to exist in large quantities under high pressures in the so-called transition zone-410-660 kilometres beneath the Earth's surface, between the upper and lower mantle.
Other gems discovered at the state park include amethyst, garnet, peridot, jasper, agate, calcite, barite and quartz.
The highlight of the day was a performance by Saudi Arabian pop star Rabeh Saqer, who was preceded on the main stage by acts including seasoned MC and DJ duo Gil and Tony, dance squads Boadicea and Peridot, and solo musician THePETEBOX.
A form of the mineral peridot, ringwoodite is believed to exist in large quantities under high pressures in the transition zone.
Pakistan is blessed with vast natural reserves of precious, semi-precious and coloured gemstones, including ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline garnet, topaz, peridot, aquamarine, spinel, pargasite, diopsite, moonstone, serpentine, jade, epidote, pink beryl (morganite), goshnite, sphene, zoisite, turquoise, epitite, agite and almost all known varieties of quartz.
"The fruit in this case is semi-precious gemstones known as peridot crystals."
Since Peridot's founding in 1996, our challenge hungry, process-driven, time-sensitive and budget-conscious team has constantly been guided by the characteristics that make us who we are--and those which make us different from everyone else.
Tabou 18-karat rose-gold dome ring with peridot, POMELLATO.
The most common gemstones of the area include ruby, emerald, peridot, aquamarine, tourmaline and topaz.