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Accidental falling on hard objects, advance pregnancy, difficult parturition and endometritis, anuria due to any inflammatory condition or obstruction of urinary tract, chronic diarrhea, tenesmus and goring injuries due to aggressive nature of local breeds are the different causes to weaken the pelvic diaphragm which results in perineal hernia and urinary bladder is the usual organ to be herniated which may be due to its fluctuating nature in pelvic cavity.
This study demonstrates no difference in the rates of positive CRM, intraoperative tumour perforations, perineal wound septic complications, perineal pain or perineal hernia. This outcome was similar to those published in two studies reported in Table 3.
Surgical management of perineal hernia using nylon mesh in a buffalo.
The surgical treatments of perineal hernia consist of reduction of hernia sac, ligation, excision, and approximation of the uterosacral ligament, or obliteration of hernia sac using continuous sutures through the posterior wall of the cervix and the anterior wall of the rectum [10].
Implantation of prosthetic mesh in non-reducible perineal hernia found to be successful and there was no further post-surgical complication or recurrence was recorded.
The fifth dog with perineal hernia having problem of urination and defecation could not survive and died on third day of surgery.
'Rectal diverticulum Perineal hernia complex' were reported by Szabo and Bilkai (2001), Vnuk et al.
Last week, at the surgery, I operated on two elderly dogs that were having difficulty passing motions because they were suffering from perineal hernias.