periodic group

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periodic group

(PE) Groups of logically related fields which occur multiple times within a group.

Periodic groups are a non-relational technique. An example of a PE would be for storing the history of a person's name changes, where name was kept in logically related fields such as surname, first name and middle name - with the person having changed their name more than once.

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Women were classified into three groups: the periodic group demonstrated linear (predictable) dynamics of violence with evidence of an attractor (repeating behaviors), the chaotic group reported nonlinear (unpredictable) dynamics of violence with an attractor (repeating behaviors), and the random group had nonlinear (unpredictable) dynamics of violence with no attractor.
We predicted that the periodic group would report perceptions of high predictability, while the random group would report low levels of personal control; these differences were in the expected direction (p [less than or equal to] .020).
However, the periodic group reported the highest levels of intimidation and minimization, and the random group reported high scores on Use of Children (not significant, Table 4).
The periodic group reported the highest level of men's alcohol use (not significant).
We predicted that the periodic group would show buildup of tension, and we found that hassles, stress, and arguments were correlated with men's violence.
Time series analysis showed significant predictors primarily for the periodic group: his violence, her violence, their arguments, and low marital closeness predicted violent behaviors on the following day.
Women in the periodic group, consistent with the cycle of violence, found violence to be predictable and controllable.
Starting with "Artists from Syria Today," the group show hosted at the former Espace Kettaneh Kunigk in March-April 2011, and continuing with the AFAQ series of exhibitions and periodic group and solo shows by various Beirut galleries, galleries have catered to the international interest in Syrian production provoked by Syria's ongoing civil war.
Half of the participants participated in an eight-week mindfulness meditation program consisting of periodic group sessions and 30 minutes of daily meditation practice.
Main group organometallics ([is nearly equal to] 170 pp) are organized in periodic groups; the latter part of the book ([is nearly equal to] 260 pp) describes organotransition metal systems according to the number of electrons donated by the ligands.

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