periodic group

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periodic group

(PE) Groups of logically related fields which occur multiple times within a group.

Periodic groups are a non-relational technique. An example of a PE would be for storing the history of a person's name changes, where name was kept in logically related fields such as surname, first name and middle name - with the person having changed their name more than once.

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Starting with "Artists from Syria Today," the group show hosted at the former Espace Kettaneh Kunigk in March-April 2011, and continuing with the AFAQ series of exhibitions and periodic group and solo shows by various Beirut galleries, galleries have catered to the international interest in Syrian production provoked by Syria's ongoing civil war.
The program will also include periodic group recreational activities as well as case management and other assistance provided by professional social service or service learning staff.
Lyons said that Irwin Mortgage also provides web-based training in specific diversity topics, a quarterly journal publication that allows employees to share their insights on cultural issues in the workplace, periodic group discussions and surveys through which employees provide input and evaluation regarding diversity policies and initiatives, and educational modules designed to help managers incorporate diversity considerations into hiring, employee supervision and training.
Contract notice: Serviced periodic groups fire pumps, the machines uni 45 / uni 70 and fire extinguishers, present in all buildings belonging university of bari - "aldo moro" in bari, valenzano, modugno and taranto - igc 6105048cf9 - cup h99g14000280005.

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