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(1) We tackle the challenge of QAC in a novel way by considering both the periodicity and the burst trend of query popularity.
However, these methods cannot detect a latent periodicity in a situation, where the statistical significance of similarity between any two periodic sequences is insignificant [1, 21].
There is strong evidence for [every recommendation] on the Periodicity Schedule," Dr.
Finalization of a draft USPSTF statement recommending depression screening in mothers will give Bright Futures and the AAP the evidence it needs to incorporate this screening into the periodicity schedule.
But in it, "periodicity" had been mistranslated as "phased," leading Meyer to believe Mendeleyev hadn't noticed how similar properties recurred periodically.
Since fish species can minimize interspecific competition for food resources by selecting different prey or feeding at different times (Mendelson, 1975) this study examined the diel diet composition and feeding periodicity of four species of cyprinids, three of which occurred sympatrically, in the Salmon River, New York.
When using the solar time the best fit is a function with a diurnal periodicity (see Figure 1(b)) whereas when using the sidereal time the best fit has a semidiurnal periodicity (See Figure 1(f)).
The AMC surface, whose periodicity is p, has a square patch of width d and capacitor [C.sub.0] at the centre of each edge connecting the neighboring cells.
The basic qualitative feature of the classic railway track is the periodicity of sleeper spacing.
The period adding structure is formed by periodicity regions related to cycles organized according to the Farey summation rule applied to the rotation numbers of the related cycles.
The State Property Management Fund will also draft contracts with mass media on non-refundable placement of information about privatization, defining format, periodicity of news items rotation and other conditions of collaboration.
When you receive a new vest you must conduct MIP Series: 5832 MRC: 12 9PDC Y Periodicity: SU-1, this should include the replacement of the shear wire (when they are shipped to the boats they use a heavier strength shear wire than the MRC allows).