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The fibrous membrane enveloping bones, except at joints and the points of tendonous and ligamentous attachment.



connective tissue in vertebrate animals and man that invests bone (excluding the articular facets, linea aspera, and tuberosities); it joins the bone by means of bundles of collagen fibers and blood vessels.

Three layers are distinguished within the periosteum: the external layer (adventitia), which consists of fibrous connective tissue rich in blood vessels; the middle fibroelastic layer, which consists of collagen fibers; and the internal osteoblastic layer, which contains osteoblasts and is usually absent in adult organisms. The periosteum joins bone with surrounding tissues, assures growth of bone tissue (mainly in thickness), and in adult organisms assures regeneration of bone tissue.

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Radiographic results were able to identify shortened vertebrae with irregular endplates and ventral periosteal reactions but did not give evidence about the integrity of the spinal cord.
When a mixed lytic and sclerotic, motheaten, or permeative appearance is identified with cortical disruption and complex periosteal reaction in a young patient, diagnostic considerations may include osteosarcoma, Ewing's sarcoma, active osteomyelitis, and Langerhans cell histiocytosis.
Dynamic histomorphmetry in periosteal surface and endocortical surface.
An ABC's margins are well defined by a more or less continuous shell of reactive periosteal bone.
Methods which are used as biological resurfacing include: perichondrion transfer, periosteal transfer, osteochondral autograft and the recent autologous chondrocyte grafts [15].
A slim, orthopedic periosteal elevator was used to protect the underlying skin during the cutting and the metal was cooled with the continuous flow of sterile water through a continuous bladder irrigation set-up.
Cocuklarda asitretin kullanimi osteoporoz, periosteal kopma, uzun kemiklerde incelme ve epifizlerin erken kapanmasi gibi iskelet anomalilerine sebep olabilir.
A canthoplasty with a periosteal flap or a fascia lata graft to correct lateral retinacular dehiscence may also be necessary.
While the pain is most likely periosteal in origin, it may also involve the various fascial and muscular attachments to the iliac crest.
There is often a periosteal reaction, and osteosarcomas and chondrosarcomas typically show areas of ossification.
One month earlier, at another hospital, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed a lytic lesion with minimal periosteal reaction in the left humerus.
This was less than the number of respondents who said that they were "at least somewhat familiar" with the two procedures, periosteal elevation (PE) and transphyseal bridging, also known as screws and wires.