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The fibrous membrane enveloping bones, except at joints and the points of tendonous and ligamentous attachment.



connective tissue in vertebrate animals and man that invests bone (excluding the articular facets, linea aspera, and tuberosities); it joins the bone by means of bundles of collagen fibers and blood vessels.

Three layers are distinguished within the periosteum: the external layer (adventitia), which consists of fibrous connective tissue rich in blood vessels; the middle fibroelastic layer, which consists of collagen fibers; and the internal osteoblastic layer, which contains osteoblasts and is usually absent in adult organisms. The periosteum joins bone with surrounding tissues, assures growth of bone tissue (mainly in thickness), and in adult organisms assures regeneration of bone tissue.

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In Dallas in 1928, Carrell advocated for a more conservative osteotomy in which he preserved the periosteum and broke through the cortical bone on the opposite side.
An incision in the palatal alveolar junction not only disrupts blood supply from GPA to palatal gingiva but also disrupts supply to highly osteogenic periosteum.
Resecting the periosteum does increase the risk of patients developing fractures if they have radiotherapy but may, in this case, have increased the risk of second malignancy [17].
Ruta graveolens is the most common remedy for injuries to the knee and elbow, and to traumas to the periosteum (the bone covering).
Autologous graft materials used in Myringoplasty include vein, fat, fascia lata, temporalis fascia, periosteum, perichondrium and cartilage.
Additionally, a thick periosteum forms a protective sleeve around the distal clavicle and the acromion and serves as a point of attachment for the coracoclavicular (CC) ligaments.
This can occasionally be from failure of the reconstructed or plicated lateral canthal tendon, but this is a very robust structure, and when properly fixated to the periosteum of Whitnall's tubercle, failure is unlikely," Dr.
The lesions are unencapsulated and without a periosteum.
Periosteum elevator Length 160-180 mm blade width6- 8 mm,
3) This graft utilises the osteogenic potential of the periosteum which is due to its highly vascular nature, presence of fibroblasts, osteoblasts and stem cells.