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Among women, there were positive relations between minor injurious falls and younger age (70-79 years), non-occurrence of nystagmus, gait disturbances, impaired orthostatic reaction, multipharmacy and the use of calcium blockers (and also separately: the use of verapamil and nifedipine), drugs improving peripheral circulation and anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic drugs.
The medication can impair the peripheral circulation.
Compromised Peripheral Circulation Impaired circulation from any cause--for example, diabetes, vascular disease, or advanced age--is associated with an increased risk for onychomycosis as well as with a diminished response to therapy.
UMK-121 is a patent-pending combination of two FDA-approved drugs designed to mobilize mesenchymal stem cells from the bone marrow to the peripheral circulation.
Pine bark extract offers improvements in blood flow and peripheral circulation, which can assist male reproductive function.
Why markers of hemolysis are subsequently present in the peripheral circulation is not known, but the authors, nonetheless, identified increased serum hemoglobin, hematin, lactate dehydrogenase and erythrocyte-derived catalase, and decreased haptoglobin in these patients.
A number of studies of patients with coronary heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and renal failure have demonstrated that these progenitor cells are decreased in number and dysfunctional in the peripheral circulation.
Measurement of tissue-specific genetic markers in peripheral circulation is thought to give an early indication of the degree of tissue-specific damage.
Since the development of sensitive assays for steroid hormones, comparative endocrinologists have appreciated that both the concentrations of steroid hormones necessary to elicit biological activity (87) and the absolute concentrations of steroid hormones in peripheral circulation (88) differ substantially from species to species.
In addition to facilitating wound healing, the product regenerates skin cell growth, relieves neuropathy pain and stimulates peripheral circulation.
As Juhan writes, "Some of the most tangible and troublesome features of age itself are simply conditions of muscular activity, activities that bow the posture and rigidify the joints, that collapse the chest cavity, that put the squeeze on peripheral circulation, that create all kinds of limitations to movement and that waste precious vitality.
But the therapeutic use of any drug, with its potent action on the peripheral circulation, in ameliorating symptoms of inoperable cases of PVD, when added to conservative measures was dismal.

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