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Also see (14), where teonan don 'to inflict pain, do wrong' seems to be a periphrastic (more emphatic) variant of the simple verb (cf.
In my view, a low degree of conceptual integration between the component parts of the periphrastic construction does not necessarily entail adjectivisation of the participle.
What is more, the linguistic data of Salaca Livonian (gathered between 1665 and 1846) gives both an account of rich verb morphology and also of several periphrastic devices used for future time reference.
a combination of a verb with a particular type of non-finite complement can acquire an aspectual or temporal meaning, giving rise to a new periphrastic construction), they can become more productive (e.
The text's desultory chronicle and its periphrastic construction--Symonds names, in particular, "suspended" effects and "passionate aposiopeses" (50)--represent how impressions operated like quicksilver on Cellini's "eagerly observant nature" (43).
In the impersonal reflexive the clitic bears the subject grammatical function, but in the reflexive passive it is associated with a different one, much in the same way as the subject of a transitive sentence can also be realized as an oblique (a prepositional phrase headed by por 'by' in Spanish) in periphrastic passives.
word order, vocabulary and phraseology, similes, periphrastic expressions, and vocabulary (types of camels, pedigree and qualities of camels, types of falcon, types of rain and rainbringing clouds, and words for different pastures, hills and mountains).
First, the periphrastic indication of the passing of a year (ecce transcurso signifero circulo Sol magnus annum compleuerat) can be read as a Platonic reference to the cosmic chronotope, defined by the orbit of the luminaries on which all earthly and human chronotopes ultimately depend (for the cosmic dimension cf.
The cobweb is woven "as no man could weave it," but this cannot be (as, in another context, it would be) a periphrastic assertion that God wove it.
His analysis of these works leads him to posit what he calls a periphrastic realism, the notion that imitation of reality is indirect, mediated by metafiction--and that Don Quixote is about the perception of reality.
Throughout both epics we find these nouns employed in curious periphrastic substitutions for the name of the hero himself.
Rarely do these churches appear, as they might, without an apostrophe, in periphrastic form, as the Cathedral of St.