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Sessile biotal components of a fresh-water ecosystem.



freshwater organisms that live attached to the underwater parts of riverboats, beacons, piers, and other man-made structures. The term was proposed by the Soviet hydrobiologist A. L. Bening in 1924. It was subsequently used to designate the overgrowth of marine hydroengineering structures with organisms. At present, the term is almost never used and has been replaced by the term “fouling.”

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An in-depth and innovative study allowed them to understand the importance of those omnipresent periphytic biofilms on denitrification.
The decreased percentage values of fresh-brackish periphytic diatoms (mostly Fragilaria heidenii) in LDAZ CL-2 likely indicates lower transparency of the water column because of increased phytoplankton abundance (Karosiene & Paskauskas 2012).
Sugar compound products of the periphytic diatom Navicula ramosissima induce larval settlement in the barnacle, Amphibalanus amphilrite.
Baetis is associated with macrophytes because they support periphytic algae, which is food for the nymphs.
GROWNS, I., 1999.--Is genus or species identification of periphytic diatoms required to determine the impacts of river regulation?
Diatoms belonging to the family naviculaceae have adapted to streams with high flow rates or systems with a high incidence of sediment entrainment or that have been influenced by significant runoffs, which also usually consist of certain substances with a high energetic value, therefore constituting an important offer for macroinvertebrates and fish that feed on periphytic algae (25).
The primary producers collected included leaves from overhanging riparian terrestrial trees (Fagus sp.), periphytic algae, and the dominant aquatic macrophytes (primarily watermilfoil Myriophyllum spicatum) that were present in both habitats.
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A final treatment contained no snails, tadpoles, or water bugs to test for direct effects of grazers and indirect effects (trophic cascades) of water bugs on periphytic algae.
Periphytic diatoms (Bacillariophyta) of Ayapel flood plain, Colombia.