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Bell, founder of the Periscope Community Summit, referring to the inaugural gathering in September.
Brands like Adidas, Spotify, Red Bull and General Electric are already successfully leveraging the power of Periscope to engage with consumers.
Ekol, who earlier attracted attention after the CEO of Periscope expressed his gratitude to the teacher, announced on Thursday that YouTube suspended his channel without providing any explanation to him.
Because you can't schedule Periscope broadcasts in advance, you won't have a direct link you can send people to other than your Periscope profile," Whaling says.
Plus, Periscope appeals to the Snapchat crowd because 'scopes' disappear after 24 hours, so there's no need to worry about a video from years ago hanging around or blotting your digital history.
They may have the consent of the congregation, but, in other cases, "scopers" have been told to remove videos such as the TV show Game Of Thrones and highprofile sporting events that violate copyright, even though Periscope policy "prohibits the broadcast of copyright-protected material".
In Dubai, they blocked Skype but that didn't go very well, hope they'll unblock periscope soon:/" a user said on Twitter.
net has tested both Periscope and Meerkat on the Etisalat network, with neither app allowing users to log in.
Personally, I'm far more excited about Periscope and Meerkat than Snapchat.
Non-hull penetrating masts also can be reconfigured with relative ease with new systems and capabilities, and have fewer moving parts, thus reducing overall periscope life cycle costs and correspondingly the maintenance, repair and overhaul burden.
Live streaming technology is not new (Ustream and a Japanese-based app called Twitcast have been around for several years), but having Twitter's resources and established network behind it catapults Periscope squarely into the lead.
And Periscope users can upload their video streams for on-demand playback over the next 24 hours.