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In particular, it highlights the way that paternalism's permissibility depends on various contextual factors.
Al-Dharfree disagrees with al-Hashidi on the permissibility of photography.
In fact, it may be better to spell out the extent of permissibility, such as in the issue at hand, rather than leaving it unrestricted and unqualified or ignoring it all together.
The Qur'an is not specific on the precise value of its injunctions, and it leaves open the possibility that a command in the Qur'an may sometimes imply an obligation, a recommendation or a mere permissibility.
Brennan concludes his book with chapters on the permissibility of vote selling and a survey of empirical studies on voting behaviors that seem oddly out of place and only loosely connected to the rest of the work.
Norcross's target, Worse, is a close cousin of the claim Many-Few: While Many-Few is a claim about permissibility, Worse is a parallel claim about which outcomes are better than others.
During one ceremony, a surprised non-Muslim neophyte who attended the ceremony (anyone could come to these dhikrs : atheists, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists-- members of the Jedi Council, even ), asked the sheikh heading the ceremony regarding the permissibility of music in Islam.
The reasons for permissibility of abortion by the Malaysian government are to save the mother's life and maintain physical and mental health (Abortion Policies: A Glogal Review, 1992).
Judging the permissibility of an attribution solely in light of the evidence one has before the attribution is too limited.
Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (Washington), on the permissibility of federal funding of human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research.
The permissibility of a raid on the embassy is under question, not the least by the Organisation of American States (OAS) that will discuss the matter in the context of the international law a meeting called by Ecuador on Friday.
The permissibility of using synthetic versions of botanical components in supplements;