permissible stress

allowable stress

In the design of structures, the maximum unit stress permitted under working loads by codes and specifications.
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In 2010, the British structural design code used for timber, BS 5268, was replaced by Eurocode 5--a shift from a permissible stress design to a limit states design philosophy.
This edition is based on and updated to reflect the changes in British Standard BS 5268-2: 2002, "Code of Practice for permissible stress design, materials and workmanship," which brought design concepts closer to European practice and Eurocode 5, "Design of Timber Structures." The recent introduction of a range of composite solid timber sections and I-Beams from the US and Europe is reflected in chapters on thin web beams and structural composite lumber.
There are three draft ISO bamboo standards in respect of examining physical properties, and for limit state and permissible stress design.
The material damping impose limits to the vibration amplitude maintaining the shaft stress within the permissible stress limits when passing through the resonance area.