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symbol for the element leadlead,
metallic chemical element; symbol Pb [Lat. plumbum]; at. no. 82; at. wt. 207.2; m.p. 327.502°C;; b.p. about 1,740°C;; sp. gr. 11.35 at 20°C;; valence +2 or +4.
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BlackBerry PlayBook

A tablet from BlackBerry. Introduced in 2011, manufacturing ceased in late 2012. The PlayBook had a 7" screen, rear camera for still and HD video recording and front camera for video calling. Weighing less than a pound, it ran the QNX operating system and included Wi-Fi for the Internet and cellular access via the user's BlackBerry phone plan.

Also an Android Tablet
The PlayBook also supported Android apps, and third-party Android developers could submit their programs to BlackBerry's online store (see BlackBerry App World).

BlackBerry Phone Synchronization
Prior to Version 2.0 of the PlayBook OS, email, calendar and contacts on the tablet were available only via Bluetooth and the user's BlackBerry phone. As of Version 2.0, these functions became native within the tablet. As of Version 2.1, the PlayBook could send and receive text messages over Bluetooth and the phone. See BlackBerry and QNX.


One quadrillion bits (one trillion kilobits). Also, Pb, Pbit and P-bit. Petabit is a future measurement of transmission speed. See petabyte and space/time.


One quadrillion bytes. Also PB, Pbyte and P-byte. In 2012, Facebook indicated that it stored 100 petabytes of member data. See Petabyte Age, peta, brontobyte, Hadoop, binary values, petabit and space/time.

Hard to Imagine
A large datacenter holds petabytes of data in all of its drives combined. However, we have a long way to go for a single storage drive to hold just one petabyte.

Twenty-Megabyte Hard Disk
In 1984, people were amazed at how much the hard disk on IBM's new PC AT could hold. (Image courtesy of IBM.)


A popular application development system from Sybase for Web, multitier and client/server development. It supports Java EE-branded application servers, such as Sybase EAServer, IBM WebSphere and BEA WebLogic, and DBMSs such as Sybase ASE, IBM DB2 and Oracle. PowerBuilder contains patented technology with its DataWindow capability and provides visual programming tools as well as a BASIC-like programming language called PowerScript. Included with PowerBuilder is InfoMaker, a report generation application.
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Normalized electromyography (nEMG) for the tibialis anterior (TA), peroneus longus (PL), peroneus brevis (PB) and soleus (SOL) in the left and right legs when they were the inside leg during the change-of-direction step in the Y -shaped agility in a typical basketball player.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: We prospectively enrolled 20 patients with chronic tendo achilles ruptures that underwent tendoachilles reconstruction using Peroneus brevis tendon or Flexor halucis longus tendon, in our institute between April 2010 to April 2014.
Thirteen patients with acute degenerative rupture of the Achilles tendon were managed by miniopen repair augmented by peroneus brevis tendon.
An isolated dislocation of the peroneus brevis tendon is seen usually, even though the additional peroneus longus tendon dislocation is seen sometimes.
The meta-diaphyseal junction represents a watershed region between blood supplies coming from proximally at the tuberosity via metaphyseal arteries where the peroneus brevis inserts and distally from a nutrient artery which enters a foramen on the tibial side of the bone which tracks proximally.
The lateral cord of the plantar fascia and the peroneus brevis tendon attach to the plantar and lateral aspect of the tuberosity respectively.
(23) It can originate as a separate muscle from the fibula or from the peroneus brevis or longus muscles and inserts onto the peroneal tubercle or retrotrochlear eminence of the calcaneus.
Of the plantar flexors, the model shows that the medial gastrocnemius gave the greatest range of feasible postures when stimulated alone and that coactivation with the lateral gastrocnemius and peroneus brevis or longus improved the results.