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One trend is agencies collaborating with other agencies in informal "clusters" or "huddles" for both shared efficiencies and perpetuation planning; these firms enter into an agreement with other agencies to share back-office expenses and to identify people they might like to sell to or use to perpetuate their agency.
The keys to a successful program, according to Tim Cunningham, co-founder of OPTIS Partners, a Chicago financial consulting firm that represents both insurance buyers and sellers in transactions, is to treat perpetuation as an evolving, ongoing process, and to ask for professional help.
1 in 2008, according to the Reagan Value Index--alarm bells are sounding for an industry perpetuation crisis.
Some of the possible ways of perpetuation may involve temporality and spatiality but the definition is intended to be independent of any particular theory of time and space.
Perpetuation is an option, however, only for well-run, profitable, and growing agencies.
The only sense of purpose I find is the perpetuation of the coalition itself - whereas a government should govern in the interests of the people.
Low-income students and the perpetuation of inequality; higher education in America.
Spontaneous and self-generated dissociative states and phenomena sharing much in common with those that can be induced with hypnosis are thought to play a major role in their development, symptomatology, and perpetuation.
Summary: Sonelgaz and the National Bank of Algeria (BNA) signed on Thursday a framework convention on the reinforcement and the perpetuation of the relations between the two parties.
of Western Ontario, Canada) offers an introduction to the formation, dynamics, and perpetuation of coastal sand dune systems.
Any correspondents or commentator who contributes to the cause is responsible for its presence, perpetration and perpetuation, as are the readership of such news and gossip.
Third, cultural behaviors of indigenous Amazonians, such as primate hunting and pet-keeping, will be addressed in terms of their role in the perpetuation of the contemporary enzootic cycle of vivax-type malarias.