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the persistent recurrence in a human being of a given mental image, action, or state. Perseveration can arise in the motor sphere, as in clonic or tonic perseveration; in the sensory sphere, as in certain eidetic phenomena; in the emotional sphere, in which case it is called perseveration of affect; and in the intellectual sphere. It arises in everyday life, for example, in the form of certain erroneous acts, slips of the pen, or slips of the tongue; it is especially common under conditions of fatigue or severe emotional strain, as well as in certain pathological states, for example, some mental diseases and certain types of localized lesions in the brain. Strictly speaking, perseveration, which is an essentially isolated and accidental phenomenon within the total context of a person’s mental life, should not be confused with what is referred to in psychiatry as an idée fixe, or obsessive thought.


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As expected, heavier caffeine users (with self-reported daily intakes of 3+ beverages/day) generally performed poorly (presumably due to overnight caffeine withdrawal) and committed significantly more commission errors and perseverations on the CPT-II.
What is Perseveration and what does it look Like in the Classroom?
Perseveration is a commonly seen characteristic in children with autism and is not specific to autism; children with other disorders also perseverate, including those diagnosed with Downs' Syndrome, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Fragile-X Syndrome (Matson, Mahan, Sipes, & Kozlowski, 2010; Roberts et al.
Errors at this stage are anticipations, perseverations, and metatheses of dots, along with other contextual and noncontextual dot errors.
Example 8 is an instance in which it is not possible to tell with any degree of certainty whether the entire side perseverated together, but a homologous finger-pair perseveration is possible.
Since close errors and perseverations were unrelated, this factor seems to be of a general nature, such as additional task demands, whatever their precise nature.
There is, though, another possible interpretation of the perseveration finding, namely that the poor attention children had poor memory for the type of target which they had just located and which was now hidden by a red monster face.
In order to compare the groups, the proportions of total omissions and perseverations committed by the participants were computed.
No differences were found in one-letter perseverations repeated once (Table 1).
In schizophrenic patients with executive dysfunction as part of mild delirium, perseveration processes usually occurs (Levenson, Collins & Puram, 2005) being the patients insensitive to perceive the deficit presented.
Occasional attentional lapses, perseveration, sequencing problems, and slight concreteness were seen throughout testing.