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While the user is working on the computer, the program collects real time image persistence data.
Whether inflation persistence is good or bad depends upon i) the level of inflation, ii) the degree of inflation persistence, iii) the underlying drivers of inflation and inflation persistence, iv) level of development of economy-inflation is volatile in developing world compared to developed one2, and v) focus of monetary policy - price stability versus financial stability or growth or some combination - which would obviously be the function of the current state of underlying economy.
PERSISTENCE--The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of persistence (noun) is: the quality that allows someone to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people.
The question remains, as the authors point out, if mirabegron has none of the anticholinergic side effects, is welltolerated, and is as effective as other OAB medications why then is the persistence rate still only 32%?
While most of us today don't literally practice persistence hunting, we can, as Kevin Kennedy suggested, hunt persistently.
But the importance of persistence of other symptoms is unknown.
On the other hand, several authors have sought to explain, by using business and industrial characteristics, the differences in firms' and industry's' persistence coefficients.
The empirical literature on profit persistence uses two different but interrelated definitions of persistence of profits.
Both inflation persistence and the slope of the curve provide information about the cost of actions undertaken to lower inflation.
If one wants to permanently lower inflation from its current level, less persistence implies that an output gap has to be opened for an even longer period of time than if persistence were higher.
It replicates and reinforces two earlier published, more modest applications of hardiness as an independent variable linked to the dependent variable of undergraduate persistence to timely graduation within four years.
Persistence comes in handy even if you're an apprentice or have been dancing in a second company.